2017 NEW Joyoung Soymilk Maker with timer DJ13M-D988SG Review

Joyoung DJ13M-D988SG Soymilk Maker 

2017 NEW Joyoung Soymilk Maker with timer DJ13M-D988SG

Joyoung DJ13M-D988SG is a hot new release 2017 model soymilk maker with high-end features like the unique warming, a timer, temperature and timer presets, a broken-free filtration, and a capacity between 900 and 1300ml (2 and 2.9 pounds) that makes it good for up to 4 people. This new model Joyoung is able to crush 40% more efficiently and can process dry and wet beans, sesame, grains, nuts- walnuts and peanuts and any cooked stuff, and make pudding, soy milk porridge, creamy soy milk, rice paste, jam, juice, fruit tea, cold drinks, tofu, baby food supplements, drinks, stir and warm (with the unique warm function).

This is not a cheap unit and is not cheaply made at all and anything that is in contact with liquids or foods is food service grade stainless steel including a stainless steel inner pot. Broken-free filtration will offer fine grinding, will help polish the beans properly and release the nutrition, and includes the great water diversion technology by Raphael Meshwork. To make nutritious, fresh and delicious soy milk, you simply press a button and after a little while in less than twenty minutes your aromatic soymilk will be ready for you as it includes a microcomputer that manages the preheating, grinding and cooking with that touch of a button. You will not need an extra filter to remove the residues- there is absolutely no need for a filter as it has strong motor blades.

2017 NEW Joyoung Soymilk Maker DJ13M-D988SG

Joyoung Soymilk Maker has an innovative and modern design, weighs 8.38 pounds (gross weight), measures 11 x 15.8 x 9.5 inches and has a large capacity of up to 1300ml. It seems to be better than competitors and the older version Joyoung soy milk making models. The display panel and the user manual with different recipes are in Chinese and not in English yet and an online manual will be ready soon but is easy to operate anyway and is easy to clean as you will just rinse and wipe. 

The smart double preset will help save on time and power use (120V input voltage). It is sold and shipped by Huarenstore via Amazon.com, has a year of warranty and if you find out any quality issues, all the full price items will get free replacements within 30 days of shipping, with postage paid for by the seller. This is a hundred percent authentic and a great quality product and the warranty does not cover the damages from things like misoperation, bad uses, incorrect assembly, exposing it to below zero temperatures or water. You’re even given a guarantee for the lowest price, so if you find it somewhere else online, in exactly the same condition but at a lower price, you will be reimbursed the difference.

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