Adidas Sport Standard Bench with Preacher Pad Review

Adidas Sport Standard Bench with Preacher via Amazon

Adidas Sport Standard Bench With Preacher Pad

Adidas Sport Standard Bench is the versatile, functional and well built multi-functional FID- “Flat Incline Decline” variety with an integrated rack and preacher curl pad as well as leg curl and extension part so you will be able to do your chest, arm and leg exercises on the comfortable contoured and padded cushion seat of the same bench. It has a sturdy stainless steel construction and can carry users that weigh up to 300 pounds. You can adjust this bench to lie flat, two incline and even a slight decline positions so you can work your muscles at different angles with several muscle engagements and with heavy duty foot plates there won’t be any tipping unless you really push. It has a beautiful modern design and looks nice in black, white and yellow, weighs 57 pounds (able to carry 300 lbs weight) and measures 66 x 46 x 36 inches- compact yet solid build so it won’t occupy a lot of your room and you will be able to work out comfortably and safely knowing that it will stay put and solid when you’re using those heavy weights- barbells and dumbbells. This will provide you with a comfy workout platform that will also support your back and body when you work your arms, chest or legs.

Adidas Sport Standard Bench with leg extension and curl

In the box you will get the Adidas Sport Standard Bench with all the bits and pieces and User’s Manual. Warranty on some other Adidas fitness units are 30 days limited general warranty and we’re guessing it may be the same here and like most fitness equipments you purchase it doesn’t come assembled so you will need to do some set-up work but it doesn’t seem to be difficult. This is a good quality bench and rack for home gym use and not designed for commercial gym settings- you can use it every day at home, can hold quite a bit of weight safely, letting you do a variety of exercises and should last a long time but is not a commercial grade unit that can carry the burden of being used by lots of people each day. For the reasonable price level concerned you are getting a pretty good deal here and will make a nice addition to your home gym: Sleek, modern and pretty design, solid construction, easy and convenient adjustment, flexibility, diversity and varied muscle engagement, comfort of foam rollers, padded backrest and seat and affordable price. This is a very new release product so there isn’t much info or customer reviews online yet but appears to be a decent quality unit.

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