Aerobic Pedal Exerciser- Paradigm ActivCycle CycleSizer Review

Paradigm Activcycle CycleSizer Pedal Exerciser

paradigm pedal cycler

Paradigm ActivCycle is a compact and motorized aerobic/cardiovascular pedal cycle for home use. It is a great little unit to help you burn some extra calories and lose weight while sitting down at your desk. Pedal Exerciser will especially work for people that spend long hours at the office, sitting too many hours in front of the computer or can’t exercise due to certain health reasons. It doesn’t help you just lose weight but also enhance the blood circulation in your body, improve your balance and strengthen and tone your muscles and help with the recovery of your muscles.

This is not designed for commercial gym use but home use and you do not need to leave your house to get a bit of exercise. It will work both your upper body and lower body, as you can turn the pedals both by using your legs and arms. But it is mainly for your legs and your core section- abdominals will be affected in the process. The product page says it is good for seniors with some mobility issues (even people that had knee replacement) that would like to exercise in the comfort of their homes and they will feel comfortable on it.

This is a very robust and sturdy product that is built to last and will withstand the daily use of speed and intensity, nothing like the flimsier pedal exercisers we came across before, those that cost less. The good thing about it is you do not need to take time off your work and other daily stuff to be able to exercise. It is not a very heavy pedal cycle and with its compact and portable design and an integrated carrying handle on top and foldable pedals, you can move it out of the way when not using easily and conveniently. It can be used by any kind chair, and basically sit anywhere, watch TV and work out.

paradigm activcycle pedal exerciser

Those of you that will use this product for arms, it is not good just for your biceps and triceps but also your upper back muscles. Your legs will feel stronger over time and you will be burning calories and lose weight if you follow a healthy eating plan as well. If you also have back problems, this will not be putting pressure on your back but this will also depend on the seat you choose. Some people commented on it moving on the floor when exercising but it comes with an anti-slip mat in the box and that should solve the problem. And if not, we doubt this will be necessary but you can always put a weight in front of it.

Unlike most fitness machines we reviewed, this one doesn’t require any assembly as even the pedals are pre-assembled. It has a very small but multifunctional LCD display panel to help you monitor your progress and get better results from your workout by keeping you motivated and pushing you to go after goals, by giving you the information for calories burned, current speed, distance traveled and time exercised. Whether it is easy to read is hard to tell, and is probably difficult from where you’re sitting and without adequate lighting. This is a motorized unit and you can adjust the speed but not the resistance levels. This is a good value product for the money and does what it promises to do. It comes with a no hassle refund if you’re not totally satisfied with the product.

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