Alpine 2000W Crazy Fit Whole Body Vibration Plate Machine Review

Alpine 2000W Crazy Fit Vibration Platform via Amazon

Alpine Crazy Fit 2000W Vibration

Black Alpine Crazy Fit is a 2000 watt power (110V) vibration plate for training, massaging and therapeutical purposes, that is designed mostly for home use. It is well built and durable with a solid steel frame, has a modern streamline design that is also ergonomic, weighs 83 pounds, measures 28 x 29 x 47 inches with stepping board dimensions of 21 x 15 inches and has a relatively small footprint and includes transportation wheels which make it easy to be carried around and put in a corner of your house. It does not occupy much space in your room and with retractable foot you can adjust it for height and in balance. Like other vibration platforms it is claimed to burn body fat and calories by increasing your metabolic rate and keep your weight in check and includes a fat scan which helps measure the body fat rate (Body Fat Percentage or Body Mass Index- BMI) on its easy to view and operate electronic LED display panel that also shows time and speed and you’ll find 10 preset programs for your needs.

Alpine Crazy Fit 2000W Vibration Platform

Security measures on the Alpine Crazy Fit include the disturbance and static electricity resistance and current overload protection. It offers decent massage with the vibrations created by the 2000 watt- 1.5 horse power motor and a great speed range between 1 to 160. Some of its claimed benefits include relieving arthritis pain, relieving fatigue, increasing blood flow in your body, reducing incontinence caused by stress and toning pelvic muscles- helping relieve constipation by enhancing bowel movement, ensuring smooth functioning of stomach, improving digestion, rehabilitating atrophied muscles after injury, strengthening muscles and bones, helping with sleep problems and combats insomnia by helping you unwind and relax and of course weight loss- up to something around 170 calories in just five minutes according to reviews online- we haven’t tried any of these vibration units yet and results would vary for each individual. If you are one of those “lazy” people or have no time for gym or lifting weights then this is something you may want to consider. You have a speed range of 1 to 160 levels, low / medium and high speed and 50-60 Hertz frequency range and and ±5MM amplitude. Being a budget priced vibration platform you obviously can not expect the performance of a machine that costs one to two thousand dollars but it is certainly quite powerful and functional and seems to be great value for dollar.

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