Antarctic Star Z5818 48 lb. Capacity Automatic Ice Maker Review

Antarctic Star Z5818 48 lb. Automatic Ice Maker

Antarctic Star 48 lb. Ice Machine

Silver and black Antarctic Star Z5818 is a compact and portable automatic ice maker with a 2.2L water tank and a 48-pound ice making capacity each 24 hours with 9 square shaped ice cubes ready in just 8 minutes or so.

It is suitable for use at home kitchens, bars, boats, parties, RV trips or wherever you want and where there is a power outlet. You can view the ice making process through the transparent lid without needing to open it. The 48 lb. Ice Maker has only a single customer rating of 5 stars as it first appeared at in July this year.

Antarctic Star 48lb. Ice Maker is quite a powerful machine that can make 9 very clear ice cubes quickly at each cycle for a total of 48 pounds a day. It can take anywhere between 6 and 13 minutes with an average of 8 mins depending on the temperature of water you use. You’ll have plenty of ice to use in your drinks especially in the summer heat. As a compressor type ice maker it needs to be left standing in an upright position for about 4 hours prior to first use.

The 21g R600a refrigerant compressor with the copper aluminium fin condenser is quite powerful but runs quietly and consumes little electricity. The noise level is specified as 45 decibels which will be heard only when making the ice cubes and will certainly not disturb you or people around you. It has a food-grade material without any odor or anything harmful for your health or safety. Being made of the sturdy and durable ABS plastic shell it is easy to wipe clean.

Antarctic Star 48 lb. Ice Maker

The smart LED-backlit display panel has the Timer, On/Off, – and + buttons and tells you with the indicator lights when you need to put more water in and when your ice cubes are ready. It shuts itself down automatically and when you remove the ice cubes it restarts making ice. You have two ice sizes to choose from, Small and Large for your different needs. It is easy to operate as you just plug it into a power outlet and press the Start button and select the ice size.

Antarctic Star 48 lb. Ice Maker weighs 23.15 pounds and measures 14.1D x 11W x 13.7H inches- is compact and portable. You’ll get a detachable ice basket and a scoop for you to transfer the ice cubes into your bottle or freezer. The square ice cubes it makes are crystal clear and harder than normal and do not melt easily and taste better than the cloudy bullet shaped ice cubes made by the cheaper ice makers. It has an outlet and drain plug at the bottom to empty the unused water and does not require a permanent installation. It comes with an extended two-year warranty along with a 45-day return guarantee and good customer service.

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