Avallon 152 Can 24″ Built-In Beverage Cooler Review

Avallon 152 Can 24″ Built-In Beverage Cooler

Avallon 152 Can 24 Built-In Beverage Cooler

Avallon ABR241SGRH is a 24-inch size, single zone, built-in type beverage cooler with a 152 can capacity and right hinge. You can use it as both a stand-alone or built-in fridge as it looks good in silver color, with a seamless stainless steel framed double paned Low-E glass door (argon gas in between the dual panes) and solid handle.

This is a single zone product and the temperature can be easily adjusted between 34 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Being able to set the temperature as low as 34 degrees (1.11 degrees Celcius) is great too. It is very easy to monitor and adjust the temperature. So you will have your beverages and snacks as cold as you want, without freezing them.

There is a small digital white LED-backlit control panel with up and down arrows for adjusting the temperature, light, and power on buttons. You can choose between bright white and soft blue colors for the interior LED lighting. You’ll find two lights on the right and two lights on the left. This is a compressor type cooler that distributes the cool air evenly and has a fan forced front exhaust. And this is another reason you can use it as a free-standing cooler unit.

Avallon 152 Can 24 inch Built-In Beverage Cooler

The stainless steel Avallon ABR241SGRH weighs 114 pounds and measures 23.7 x 23.9 x 34.5 inches (counter depth of 24 inches and quite a large interior). It comes with some decent circulation fans that ensure even cooling without any warm spots in the fridge. The cool air is distributed evenly throughout the fridge and this is not just on paper either- it works very well in practice too.

You will find three sanded glass shelves (trimmed at the front) that slide out easily and can be easily adjusted for larger items or simply remove one of them. There is a tru-key lock at the front bottom of the stainless steel door frame. The door has the dual paned glass door and the argon gas between these two panes offer you the best possible insulation when the door is shut. You can fit in as many as 152 regular sized beer or soda cans.

This fridge is designed for indoor use and not outdoors as it may be exposed to adverse weather, temperature, and humidity conditions at different times of the year. Please make sure the door is shut properly as it may stay open and let the cool air escape. You may have the interior light turned off automatically when you shut the door. And if you think the white LED light is too bright, you can switch to the soft blue as there isn’t another option to dim the lights.

Avallon ABR241SGRH is a very well built, solid and sturdy, good looking, quiet, and functional beverage cooler that does the job very well. Both the exhaust fan and the internal air circulation are very quiet but the compressor will do its normal cycles and you can hear that a little (not too loud) if it is near your living area or bedroom. It cools down quickly and there are the great temperature control and the insulation on the door and throughout the unit.

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