Avalon Bottle-less Water Cooler Dispenser A1BOTTLELESS Review

Avalon Bottle-less Water Cooler Dispenser 

Avalon Bottleless Water Cooler Water Dispenser

Black and silver Avalon (A1BOTTLELESS) is a 2016 release, sleek and stylish water cooler and dispenser with a very efficient compressor, a solid stainless steel cabinet and three temperature settings for great tasting cold, hot and room temperature water instantly. It is approved by both UL and Energy Star and includes an NSF certified activated carbon filter just in the cabinet and you connect directly the water line to the source- set-up is quite easy with all the necessary parts included. So the water comes from the source, goes through the filter and into the cold and hot water reservoirs of the unit so you get pure and tasty water at all times.

Avalon Water Cooler has a very modern and innovative design and will fit nicely in any home or office kitchen decor- measures 41 x 12 x 13 inches. The push buttons are easy and convenient to use and there is a child security lock just on the hot water spout as the water is really hot and you do not have to worry about your kids burning themselves. Hot water is piping hot for tea, coffee, hot chocolate, and cold water is crisp cold (cold enough to not add ice cubes) or simply choose the room temperature if you don’t want very hot or cold or you can simply press the hot and cold buttons at the back of the unit to save on electricity too. You will save money by not purchasing water constantly and you will not have to lift heavy bottles and there won’t be any unnecessary spilling. You can also choose to get the bottom loading, all stainless steel model at the same price.

Avalon Bottleless Water Cooler Water Dispenser A1BOTTLELESS Filter

The filter cartridge included is good for / lasts for up to 750 gallons of water and approximately 3 months depending on the quality of water and the type and amount of contaminants. You will be notified via the filter indicator light at the front when it is time to replace the filter and there is nightlight for the water spouts to be visible at night. Tap water is turned into pure water as any rust, lead, chlorine, and bacteria are removed by the filter and the unit includes a leak detector that tracks the flow from the source into the cooler. Water flow is reported to be quite steady and quick and the unit runs quieter than a standard fridge so you shouldn’t worry about noise. Just like with any compressor type units or fridges, it is a good idea to keep this cooler unplugged for about 24 hours so the refrigerant settles. Great value for money!

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