BallBike Complete Core, Cardio, Strength Home Gym Review

BallBike Complete Home Gym- Core, Cardio, Strength 

ballbike complete home gym

BallBike Complete Home Gym is a modern all-in-one fitness unit for cardiovascular, resistance and ab training. It will save you time as you will combine the three in one. You will be sitting on the fitness ball working on your balance and stability, pedaling the bike to work on your legs and core while pulling the resistance bands to work on your shoulders and chest.

It is a relatively low impact type of workout so you will not be likely to experience injuries. And according to the creator of the product you just need to dedicate ten minutes of your time each day to see results very soon. By owning a low-cost product like the BallBike Complete Home Gym, you will not need to pay for an expensive gym membership unless you’re an advanced resistance trainer or bodybuilder.

You do not have to suffer the impact of running on a hard surface or feeling the discomfort of a standard bike seat. It is more compact than the regular size treadmills or elliptical bikes. You will be engaging more muscles in all parts of your body and burning more calories. It is claimed to be tested at the University of Akron and promises better results than a great percentage of exercise equipment on the market.

BallBike Complete Core, Cardio, Strength Home Gym

It burns more calories than spinning, treadmills, aerobics and ellipticals. As you can change your workouts all the time, it will be fun and not boring at all with a great range of stimulating exercises and movements. It is easy to get on and off with the convenient step through design. It has a large fan wheel flywheel that helps the bike run quietly and smoothly with different levels of belt resistance through the run knob.

BallBike seems to offer a rather efficient, fast and smart way of working out. The ball will not slip or roll away, thanks to the guard rails on both sides. There is even a single window LCD display panel that shows the standard indicators of speed, calories, distance and time, but no pulse rate reader here. It doesn’t have a folding design but includes the wheels so you can move it from room to room easily.

It is good for use by the people between 4’10” and 6’8” height. The seat is the heavy duty 1.8kg burst resistant stability ball, the foot pedals are very large and the seat has a thick padding. BallBike Complete measures 38H x 29W x 60-70L inches and supports a maximum user weight of 300 pounds. The area needed for the whole unit is about 3 x 6 feet and some additional space around it so you can do your thing comfortably.

In the box you’ll get the accessories you see in the photo, a New You Nutrition Guide and a workout DVD by Peter Nielsen for 30 mins advanced, 20 mins intermediate and 10 mins beginner workout. It is a very well constructed product that lets you do a variety of low-impact exercises- core, strength and aerobic simultaneously, saving you time and giving you the best results possible. It is easy and fun to use and is great value for money.

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