Bestrice Digital 8s BTMR007 Hair Straightener and Styler Review

Bestrice Digital 8s Hair Straightener via Amazon

Bestrice Digital Hair Straightener

Bestrice 8s BTMR007 is an anti-scald and anti-static digital ceramic iron hair straightener and comb for instant hair  styling and it replaces the common flat iron straightener so it is just like a modern comb but also straightens hair. It heats up very fast but is safe to use as an anti-scald comb with very accurate auto temperature control with no damage risk to your hair or your skin and will massage your head (warm contact massage) without causing any harm to your skin. Maximum temperature it can reach is 450 degrees Fahrenheit while the auto temp control keeps it at a constant 365 degrees for all hair types and there are pre-set customised temperatures, like 450 degrees for wavy and thick hair and 410 degrees for naturally textured hair and it will do the task effortlessly and efficiently. It is compact and portable while still being quite powerful for you to just style and straighten your hair quickly (in much less time than flat ironing and with much less damage) in the comfort of your home when you’re trying to go out for the night or when you’re away.

Bestrice Hair Straightener Digital 8s BTMR007 Instant Straightening Styling Heating Massage Anti Static Ceramic Anti-Scald Zero Damage Safe

Bestrice Hair Styler won’t break your hair, will fix hair-knotting and will make your hair look healthier and shinier. The way it works so well is first it keeps the temp constant so there is no burning and secondly it sends out strong negative ions while in operation and when they meet the air water is produced for moisture and hydration which helps with very easy straightening and giving your hair a very healthy shine. You are given three temp settings for your hair: First one is the curly and thick hair at 210-230 degrees Celcius, second is 190-210 degrees for common hair and 170-200 degrees for soft and thin but it is better to start at the highest temp and reduce it depending on your hair type. It lets you quickly convert Celcius to Fahrenheit by pressing + and – simultaneously and you will see the temp shown clearly on LCD display that lights up blue. The location of on and off button is criticised by one of the customers as they can easily turn the unit off when working on their hair but it really isn’t a big deal and overall this product does a very good job and is offered at a very reasonable price on Bestrice is a good brand for creating functional yet sophisticated beauty tools.

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