BLRON Multi-Functional Mechanical Walking Jogging Treadmill Review

BLRON Multi-Functional Mechanical Treadmill

BLRON Multi-Functional Mechanical Home Treadmill

BLRON Multi-Functional Mechanical Treadmill is a manual cardiovascular fitness equipment with a 0.75HP peak value DC motor for walking or jogging in the comfort of your home. You can use it at home, office, dorm or wherever you want, but not really in commercial gym settings despite its solid build quality.

It is compact and lightweight with an ultra-slim foldable design, weighs 48.5 pounds and measures 42.5 x 22 x 46.8 inches. You can fold it easily, carry it away on its front transportation wheels and store it in a convenient place. It comes with a magnetic safety buckle that makes the treadmill stop when it comes off. Due to the smooth and quiet operation you can listen to music, watch videos or talk to friends when you’re walking on this manual treadmill.

It has a hidden breathing balance shock absorption with the evenly distributed columns between the frame and the running board. This means you’ll benefit from the shock absorption function wherever you step on the tread belt. The LCD display panel is easy to read and operate and has the standard indicators of distance traveled, calories burned, time exercised, current speed and countdown modes. You can run at up to about 10kph or 6mph and how fast your feet move will determine your speed.

The running belt measures 37.4 x 15 inches on this mechanical treadmill that measures 42.52 x 22.05 x 46.85 inches and 42.52 x 22.05 x 7 inches as folded. It weighs 48.5 pounds and has a total of 220 pounds or 100kg user weight capacity. It is  very easy to alternate between walking, jogging and running, increase and decrease your speed throughout your workout to burn calories and fat more BLRON Multi-Functional Mechanical Treadmilleffectively. And I personally prefer jogging or running on a manual treadmill than an electric one. It does feel more comfortable overall and I am certainly more in control with less risk of an injury.

You’ll be making more effort on a curved and angled mechanical/manual tread belt than on a motorized unit. And this is valid for both when you’re walking or running. According to one study the difference is more than 20 beats per minute on average, in favor of the manual treadmill. And you’ll be able to get your heart rate higher at a lower speed than if you were on an electric treadmill as you do need to exert more effort. You will be burning more calories per mile on a mechanical unit. There won’t be a need for keeping up with a moving belt.

When you’re on a manual treadmill you increase your speed by putting your feet higher and move faster and decrease the speed by getting closer to the middle of the belt. One great advantage of a manual treadmill is you can put it wherever you want without needing to be near a power outlet. The athletes tend to use the manual treadmills for their high intensity interval workouts, alternating between high and moderate intensity. It is easy to assemble, is conveniently foldable and has a small footprint both in folded or unfolded modes. You can put your smartphone, iPad or remote control on the tablet stand provided for entertainment and distraction from boredom during your workout. You’re getting very good value for the dollar with the BLRON Multi-Functional Mechanical Treadmill.

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