Bodum 11001-01TG Bistro Automatic Pour Over Coffee Machine with Thermal Carafe, 40 oz Review

Bodum 11001-01TG Bistro Automatic Pour Over Coffee Machine 

Bodum 11001-01TG Bistro Automatic Pour Over Coffee Machine

Black Bodum 11001-01TG Bistro is the new release pour over coffee machine with a very sleek and modern design and stainless steel dual wall insulated thermal carafe with a 40 ounce coffee making capacity at once. You just try and use cold and fresh water, put ground coffee into the permanent, fine meshed stainless steel filter that slowly releases and helps keep the flavour and aroma pure and you never need to change it, press the power button and it will heat the water at just the right temperature- just below boiling, with water showered evenly on the grounds. Water is kept at ideal temperature throughout the coffee making process thanks to the great spiral heating element of die-cast aluminium and the water being transferred from the removable water reservoir to the easy to clean shower head (plastic with silicon coating inside) via a tempered glass pipe very fast. So you have a decent size shower head instead of a regular drip system, which will help spread water over the ground coffee beans and extract coffee consistently and evenly too (no strong central flow) and you have quite a balanced and tasty coffee that is full of aromas and flavours. Your coffee will be kept warm inside the double wall carafe without going bitter- but doesn’t keep it hot as long as the previous Bodum.

Bodum 11001-01TG Bistro Automatic Pour Over Coffee Maker

It is nice to have a stainless steel filter that keeps the essential oils and aromas of fresh ground coffee and you don’t need to change it or use any paper filters that may cause the loss of aromas. It works very quickly and quietly with your coffee jug being filled in just under six minutes. Chalk deposits are reduced greatly by the smooth silicones through the shower holes so there is no obstruction where hot water passes onto the ground coffee beans and giving you very nice coffee with full bodied taste, of beautiful flavours and aromas.  Black Bodum Bistro is made of mainly solid plastic, weighs 10.8 pounds and measures 8.8 x 12.3 x 15.8 inches- fairly large in size so make sure you have enough counter space, is made in Portugal, Europe- not China for a change, has rubber handles so you can hold it better and you don’t burn your hand. It is nice that you don’t have to use capsules or paper filters and a permanent stainless steel filter is fine but some people may like to have the freedom of using paper filters and being able to program it as they wish- there aren’t many buttons on this one and there is only one way of making nice tasting and hot coffee at the right temperature- not boiling hot. So to sum it up, Bodum 11001-01TG is a good value pour over coffee maker with a modern design and simple functionality of making nice tasting coffee that is full of flavours and aromas.

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