Body Xtreme Fitness Heavy Duty Therapeutic Inversion Table Review

Body Xtreme Fitness Therapeutic Inversion Table

Body Xtreme Fitness Inversion Table

Body Xtreme Fitness Inversion Table is a therapeutic unit with a heavy duty and sturdy stainless steel frame, and the Comfort Foam backrest for your comfort during your inversion sessions. It helps enhance the circulation of blood in your body, relieve the lower back pain or any back problems you may have.

It has the soft touch foam handles on both sides of the Maximum Comfort Foam backrest that measures 39 x 14.6 inches and foam rollers so you can invert very comfortably. It comes with the three angle limits of the safety bar so you can do your full inversion with the maximum amount of safety.

Black and yellow Body Extreme Inversion Table weighs just over 44 pounds, measures 47 x 26 x 62 inches when assembled and can have a total weight of up to 275 pounds. It has a great quality, strong and robust tubular steel frame with powder finish coating to help prevent rusting. It has an adjustable and foldable design especially for those of you without much space in their houses.

Body Xtreme Fitness Inversion

It folds flat and can be easily put under your bed or in your closet. It is simple to assemble in just under an hour and measures 52.7 x 24.6 inches as assembled. And you will feel more stable with the anti-slip rubber stabilizers for the floor. 

Body Extreme is suitable for use by people of different ages and between 4’10” and 6’6” height. If you are new to inversion therapy, the first time you use it you may want to have someone near you for support. It is good for total beginners that are just starting out or more experienced users.

It offers a good deal of control and flexibility for different body sizes and weights. The Body Xtreme is not just for the back pain relief either, as you can also use it for your sore or stiff body from different types of exercise. You will get the complimentary sweat resistant cooling towel in the package as well, which may come in handy after your sessions. Low price and great value for money.

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