BookCycle Mini Bike Pedal Exerciser with LCD Monitor Review

BookCycle Mini Bike Pedal Exerciser 

BOOKCYCLE Mini Bike Pedal Exerciser

BOOKCYCLE Mini Bike Pedal Exerciser is designed for low impact leg and arm exercises and comes with a small LCD Display panel. It has an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars by 6 customers on the day of this product review.

You can use it comfortably at home or office when you’re working at your desk, playing video games or watching a movie, sitting on the couch. It will help you improve your blood circulation, burn calories and fat and relieve tension, speed up post-operation recovery, relax and promote sleep. With a lightweight, portable and compact design it can be stored easily under a desk or move it around easily.

You’ll feel safe and comfortable with the anti-slip textured surface of molded finger grips and the adjustable foot straps. Thanks to the rubber feet on the rear and front stabilizers your floors will not get scratches. It offers moderate level of tension and you can increase or decrease the resistance by turning the tension knob for more or less challenge. The multifunctional LCD display shows the calories burned, distance traveled, time exercised, and count. You can change the data by pressing the red button or reset it to zero.

BookCycle Mini Bike Pedal Exerciser is built sturdy and durable with a strong steel frame and will stay stable and robust for a long time. There is also a 4.5 pound iron flywheel to help it be even more stable. You can pedal it very smoothly and quietly without disturbing yourself or people around you in the office or at home. It comes almost assembled and you only need to put the two pedals and the two legs with the tools and instructions included in the box. It is a low cost mini bike pedal exerciser that offers good value for money.

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