BougeRV Bundle- 28 Quart Portable Freezer 12V Car Fridge & Portable Power Station Review

BougeRV Bundle- 28 Quart Portable Freezer 12v Car Fridge & Portable Power Station

BougeRV Bundle Items 28 Quart Portable Freezer

BougeRV Bundle is made up of a 28-quart capacity 12V car fridge freezer and a portable 216Wh 6000mAh Power Station that is compatible with the 12V car fridges with a 12 to 16.8V DC output. There is a single 5-star rating at the moment for this hot new release popular car freezer fridge bundle.

It has a solid compressor that offers quick cooling from 77 to 32 degrees Fahrenheit in just 16 minutes and 77 to -5 degrees Fahrenheit in just 50 minutes keeping your food items nice and fresh. No ice is needed for this freezer and there won’t be any food spoilage and it will save you on space and money. With the ECO power saving mode the operating power is less than 45 watts. And even if you use in the MAX mode it will user up less than 1kwh per day for its smart cycle.

You can run it with the 12/24V DC power (110-240V) on different vehicles like vans, jeeps, RVs, SUVs, trucks, boats and more. The 6000mAh power station that this fridge comes with is easy to move around and you can store this power supply in the car fridge cover that will save you on more space than the regular portable power supplies. The 3-level battery monitor (3 level voltage) will protect your car battery from getting drained by the fridge. You can select one of the three levels for the fridge to shut off so that a total battery drain does not happen.

BougeRV 30qt Capacity Fridge Freezer weighs 22.8 pounds and measures 22.68 x 12.60 x 15.5 inches. You can actually hold it in a single hand as it is so lightweight and portable. You can fit in 2 bottles of 1 gallon milk, 40cans of 350ml canned sodas, 6 bottles of 2L bottle coke, 12 bottles of 750ml wine bottle. It works at a noise level of 45 decibels and your sleep, conversation or music will not be affected if you’re keeping it in your car. It has a shock-proof design and will be fine on bumpy roads and will continue running as usual at a 30-degree angle when off road.

BougeRV Bundle Items 28 Quart Portable Freezer 12V

It is compact and lightweight and is suitable for use on camping, hunting, outdoors and in emergency. With the two 5V/3A USB outputs you can use the power supply for charging your smartphone, tablet, i Pad, laptop etc. And it is obviously better and more efficient than a regular powerbank. It is durable for a battery cycle of up to 1000 times and offers you a long life.

You can also use with a solar generator and you have your ice cubes ready whenever you want on your camping trips and the energy consumption is very low. It holds the UL, ROHS, PSE, FCC and CE certifications and is perfectly safe to use. You’ll get a warranty of two years for the compressor and the accessories and they offer decent, friendly customer support that is available 24 hours. In the box you’ll get the detachable partition, an AC power cord, a DC power cord and a user manual. The date it first became available was on June 25, 2021 and is currently ranked 36th among the chest freezers on the website.

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