Braun JB7130BK PureMix Jug Blender Review

Braun JB7130BK PureMix Jug Blender

Braun JB7130BK PureMix Jug Blender

Braun JB7130BK PureMix is the new countertop blender with a contemporary design, an easy to control console with 5 different speeds, 6 blending functions and an automatic pulse for 7 different pre-set modes, efficient and powerful with the innovative “Smooth Crush” blade system for getting optimal results from your blending. It comes with the higher placed blades in the 56 ounce capacity BPA-free special design jug, ice crush option on the right and buttons to let you liquefy, puree, chop, mix easily- designed to blend very easily and to give you total control to achieve decent results consistently. PowerAssist technology is good for achieving the optimal speeds, also helped by the special contours and overall design of the jug and the ideally located higher blades so you get very smooth blends each time. You can make tasty and healthy smoothies, puree fresh fruits and crush all the ice for your smoothies or summer drinks / very smooth margaritas (56 ounce capacity is equal to 7-8 margaritas) or make vegetable base with no problems as it is quite a powerful unit and you can make your frozen coffees without adding any water or liquid in. The easy to understand clear buttons for different tasks make it super easy to use and if you simply press the Ice Crush button after putting some ice in and get it all properly crushed in a short time.

Braun JB7130BK PureMix- Jug Blender

Black and stainless steel two tone finish Braun PureMix looks quite pretty with its sleek and stylish design and will make a nice addition to any kitchen, measures 7.1 pounds and measures 7.7 x 8 x 16.3 inches- is not very heavy and has a small footprint. Control panel at the front is nicely sealed so you can simply wipe the residues and is illuminated as well for you to see the buttons clearly and gives it a better appearance. So it is easy to clean with the exterior that can be wiped easily and the removable blades that are safe for dishwasher. You can choose to purchase the separate Smoothie2Go set that comes with its own blade system and you can take your smoothie with you when you’re heading out. The lid is sealed properly and sits very tightly on top, you will not need to hold it and there will be no spillage or splashing when your detach the jug. It is built to be quite durable and should last you quite a while if you don’t go too hard on it. Pulse is good for being in control of how the ingredients are chopped, pureed, mixed, stirred, liquified or blended. It costs a bit more than similar units but is obviously worth that little bit of extra for mainly the build quality and longevity factor and ease of use, the jug and the base turning section are made of plastic but BPA-free and is lighter in weight than say glass, is quite powerful for the price- turns ice into snow very easily and makes very nice tasting margaritas but is not like a 600 dollar Vitamix,

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