Breville BOV900BSS The Smart Oven Air Review

Breville BOV900BSS The Smart Oven Air

Breville BOV900BSS The Smart Oven Air

Breville BOV900BSS is the brand new release, smart and innovative oven with an industrial design, 1800 watt power, a large 1 cubic feet capacity and a great circulation of air offered by the Super Convection and Element IQ features. With the extreme air circulation, you can make beautiful crispy air fried healthy foods without the extra oil.

Air frying feature uses super convection and high heat simultaneously, delivering a great deal of air flow. There is the Slow Cook setting to make soft and moist meats and veggies. It cooks everything evenly with the Element IQ technology that offers accurate temperatures and timing for the best results. There is a total of 8 thick rack positions for different heights to let you cook different sized meals. You can fit in a 14 lb. turkey, a total of 9 toasts or 12 muffins at once, make crisp and chewy cookies, raise dough, bake a pie, cake, banana bread, cornbread or pizza, roast veggies and make a rice pudding.

Silver Breville Smart Oven Air has a beautiful design in all stainless steel, with the large LCD screen and sleek dials underneath, weighs 38.9 pounds, measures  21.25 x 17 x 12.75 inches. And the interior is 16 x 13.5 x 7 inches so you can fit in a regular size 9 x 13-inch baking pan without handles, a 12-cup muffin tray and even a large Dutch oven. In the box, you will get a 13 x 9-inch enamel baking pan, 13-inch non-stick pizza, heavy-duty oven racks, a stainless steel roasting rack, air-fry and dehydrate mesh basket and an instructions manual. The cooking time is reduced by about 30% with the super-convection and get crispier results.

Breville Smart Oven Air BOV900BSS

There is a total of 6 quartz heating elements that adjust automatically for whatever you select, and deliver the power all over the ingredients from below and above. The 13 preprogrammed settings include bake, pizza, bagel, toast, air fry, slow cook, dehydrate, broil, warm, proof for rising dough, reheat, roast, and cookies.

It comes with the PID temperature control that ensures stable and precise, offering you consistent results. This is a smart oven that is quite well-made and simple to use. It includes the dehydrator and air fry functions and with great innovative features, it will improve your ability to make great dishes. You will not really want to or need to use your regular oven anymore after getting this smart oven. You do not need to heat up your large oven to make something small and will never burn anything with the precise temperature and time settings, both of which will save you money over time.

This one large and powerful smart oven will do pretty much everything for you and you will need neither your large built-in oven nor your small cooking appliances, which is great if you have a small kitchen. It is not a low priced unit but is very functional and versatile, does the job very well and is well worth the money. The dehydrate feature in an oven is rather unique and it actually lets you dehydrate four trays at once, letting you make things like beef jerky and fruit snacks, so you don’t have to purchase unhealthy snacks or dried foods that are full of preservatives from the shops.

With the Phase Cook feature, you can set two different cooking functions and one starts after the other automatically without you doing anything manually. There is even a Rotate Reminder that tells you when you turn the tray around for more even cooking. You may hear a fan occasionally and as annoying as it may be, it will help prevent the overheating of the control panel and the oven will work and last longer. This is a top of the range oven for those that are serious about cooking regularly, and not for those that need something small for casual use. It is offered with a 2-year warranty by Breville. The previous models have only one year warranty, so this is an upgrade too.

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