Brio CL520 Hot and Cold Top Load Water Dispenser Cooler – Essential Series Review

Brio CL520 Top Load Water Dispenser 


Brio CL520 is another recent release, hot and cold, top loading water dispenser and cooler as part of the “Essential series” with a premium look and feel in all stainless steel and functionality of having very cold and very hot water at your service whenever you need. So you can have some crisp cold water to drink on those hot days, to make a cold and refreshing beverage or tea, coffee, instant soup, or noodles.

You will find a child security lock right on the hot water spout so you won’t have problems having your kids around the unit and everyone at home can use it. It weighs 31 pounds and measures 12.6 x 12.6 x 38.6 inches, looks good in black and all stainless steel, has a circular, sleek, and contemporary design and you can put it in a convenient corner and will not be out of space in any home or office decor. Both the hot and cold water reservoirs are made of rust and corrosion-free stainless steel so you will get a pure water taste for much longer the cooler will last longer, and the cooler cabinet is solid and sturdy, commercial-level ABS. 


Some of you may find it hard to use a top-loading water dispenser as compared to a bottom-loading one as you’ll need to put the bottle upside down, but the good thing is the water bottle is right in front of you and you will be able to see if and when there is not much water left and it is time to change. The Brio CL520 costs significantly less than those coolers delivered through professional water companies but has pretty much the same internal and external components and a heavy-duty and sturdy build so it is designed to last many years of heavy use by many people every day.

It runs very quietly and you can hardly hear anything unless when it is running- dispensing hot or cold water. According to the product review page on, this model is offered in two styles “Hot and Cold” and “Cook and Cold” each of them with two color options of black or white. There is a 4 liter capacity cold water tank that has the capacity of 2 liters per hour of cold water at 5 to 10 degrees Celcius, consuming 85 watts and the hot water tank volume is specified as 2 liters- so it is half the size, considering it will be used less than cold water, will use up 425 watts for a capacity of 10L/H hot water at 85 to 95 degrees Celcius.

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