Bulova Men’s 96B251 Chronograph Stainless Steel and Leather Special Edition Moon Watch Review

Bulova Men’s 96B251 Special Edition Moon Watch

Bulova Men’s 96B251 Chronograph Stainless Steel and Leather Special Edition Moon Watch

The Bulova Men’s 96B251 Chronograph Special Edition Moon Watch is an exact replica of the one that astronaut Dave Scott wore during the Apollo 15 mission. A six hand calendar chronograph, it has a highly durable stainless steel screw back case in silver tone finish.

Main Features: This watch features precision timing to 1/1,000th of a second, as well as a 12-hour chronograph function. It has one of the most accurate movement mechanisms in the entire world, making it accurate to within seconds a year. There is a curved mineral crystal within the watch along with a multi-layered black carbon fiber dial in blue and silver colors. The luminous hour minute hands, as well as the markers, make this watch easy to see in the dark.

There are many positive reviews of this watch, making it extremely popular for a number of reasons. You will find that a lot of the people who have reviewed it online comment on its ultra-durable design and incredible accuracy. Another feature that customers comment on regularly is its stylish and elegant aesthetics. 

Bulova Men’s 96B251 Chronograph Stainless Steel

Pros and Cons: Although there are a lot of great things about this Bulova Men’s watch, the sturdy stainless steel case, and bracelet design is by far one of the best. Made to last for decades, its carbon fiber multi-layered back is just something else that makes it able to stand the test of time. There is also the precision timing, which means that it is incredibly accurate. If there is one negative thing that can be said about this watch, it may be its size. Some people who have purchased it say that it’s a bit bulky for them.

Who is it for? Almost anyone who enjoys wearing a watch will find that this one, in particular, is worth taking a look at. People who are fascinated by space and the cosmos will definitely be attracted to it because of its history and connection with the Apollo 15 mission. Those who want a watch that is very accurate, good-looking and highly durable will also be interested in it.

Conclusion: There are thousands of different watches available on the market, but the Bulova Men’s 96B251 Chronograph Stainless Steel Special Edition Moon Watch is by far one of the better choices, especially in its price range. This watch is fairly affordable for the average person, and it is designed to be incredibly durable for many years of use.

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