CHEFAVOR Portable Countertop Ice Maker, ICE-1227 Review

CHEFAVOR Portable Countertop Ice Maker, ICE-1227

Chefavor Ice Maker 26lb

CHEFAVOR Countertop Ice Maker (ICE-1227) is a modern, compact and portable ice making machine with a daily capacity of 26lbs, 1.5-Liter ice tray and self cleaning function. It is suitable for use in home and office kitchens, parties, family gatherings, camping, coffee shops or in any location as long as there is a power outlet nearby.

November 26, 2021 is the date this ice machine was first available at and is currently ranked as the 60th best selling ice maker. It offers you fresh and nice ice cubes whenever and wherever you want and works quickly, able to make 9 bullet shaped ice cubes in just 6 to 8 minutes depending on the ambient temperature. You can select from the two ice cube sizes of large and small for your different needs. 

It comes with an ice basket and scoop, so that you can transfer the ice cubes it makes into your drinks or fridge freezer for later use. These ice cubes produced are bullet shaped, round, smooth and chewable and will taste good as long as you use pure or filtered water in it rather than tap water. And they will not stick or melt easily, nor will hurt your hands. They are ideal for use in cold drinks, smoothies, cocktails, foods and seafood. You can enjoy fresh and tasty cold beverages whenever you want at home. 

CHEFAVOR Countertop Ice Maker looks nice in silver with a stylish and modern design, weighs 17.19 pounds and measures 8.81L x 12.13W x 11.14H inches. It is compact and portable and easy to carry around. You can view the ice making process through the large window at the top. It works quietly and the only noise you’ll hear is when the ice cubes are being dropped intoChefavor 26lb Ice Machine the tray. With the advanced infrared induction this ice maker will stop the ice production when the ice basket is full and there won’t be any overflowing.

The cleaning is easy with the Self-cleaning function as you just press the Power and Select buttons to start the process. And you’ll get better and cleaner ice cubes after the self cleaning is done. There is a drain plug at the bottom for you to drain the used water after each time you use the ice machine. It has an efficient built-in compressor that offers great cooling effect but that does not work as a freezer compressor. So the ice produced will gradually melt back into the water reservoir. 

Chefavor Countertop Ice Maker is offered with a warranty of 18 months and lifetime customer service that will be happy to assist you with any issues or questions you may have. And you can return it within 45 days without needing to show a reason if not happy. Just like with the other compressor type units, please keep this ice maker in an upright position for 24 hours prior to first use. And do not tilt the ice maker more than 45 degrees and definitely not upside down. If you do so, keep it unplugged for at least a couple of hours before using it again. Overall it is a solid and modern, compact and portable ice maker that does the job well and offers good value for the dollar.

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