Chicago Food Machinery 8″ Food Slicer CFM-08 Review

Chicago Food Machinery CFM-08 8″ Food Slicer via Amazon

Chicago Food Machinery 8 inch Food Slicer

Chicago Food Machinery CFM-08 is a recent release great quality aluminium magnesium professional grade food slicer with 8 inch pro grade stainless steel high carbon blade, direct feed of items into the blade without obstacles as the carriage has a steep angle, self sharpening system, thickness adjustment for whatever you wish to slice- adjustable precision cutting of the 8 inch blade, smooth carriage sliding, emergency shut-off switch that is waterproof for your security and has large rubber legs for stability on the counter and no plastic parts. You can slice different types of foods including veggies, cheeses, meats and more and it is designed to last a long time for different types of projects with its great quality internal components, being made of aluminium magnesium and with stainless steel finish. Chicago Food Machinery has more than two decades of history of manufacturing delicatessen grade food slicing as the company was built with the quality authentic deli traditions of Chicago and their products are suitable for deli shops, restaurants or for home use if you want to own high quality commercial grade high end products.

Chicago Food Machinery 8 inch Food Slicer CFM-08

And this CFM-08 model also has a heavy duty build quality and comes with high security features. We don’t have the information on the horse power or speed of the motor but it delivers quite a bit of power and convenience in such a compact package which makes it suitable for kitchens with small areas and you can easily pick it up and move and it is priced much less than the expensive brand name products on the market. This is a relatively heavy unit which also tells you about its heavy duty commercial grade build quality. Thickness can be adjusted between 0 to 12 and when you dial it to 12 you get something around half an inch- for thicker steak cuts. All cheeses have different densities and they are better sliced if firm and you may freeze the soft cheese a little to get better slice out of it. Be very careful with the blade when you are cleaning as it is seriously sharp and you are better off not removing it (and it does not come off easily anyway) but use a sponge while spinning it but some hard to reach points too although it is relatively easy to clean. This is great value for money as a compact 8 inch commercial grade home slicer and much better than many slicers out there but you just can’t compare it to a real pro grade slicing machine.

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