Clevr Ultraslim Black Crazy Fit Full Body Vibration Platform Review

Clevr Ultraslim Black Crazy Fit Full Body Vibration Platform

Clevr Ultraslim Black Crazy Fit Full Body Vibration Plate

Black Clevr Ultraslim Crazy Fit is a new release, durable, sturdy and compact vibration platform with a low profile design for the whole body with a powerful 200 watt motor with 3600rpm rotating speed and 30 different adjustable speeds, with an amplitude of 0-10mm and a frequency of 0-18 reps/S that can be adjusted easily via the remote control, with functions to help you keep your muscles in the best condition without much effort on your side. It is for both therapy and exercise purposes and the reported benefits include enhanced blood circulation, reduced anxiety and stress, burned fat and calories, increased coordination and balance, strengthened and toned muscles, relieved back pain by decompressing the spine, relaxed muscles and increased bone mineral density that is claimed to be proven in a scientific study and is relaxing as it will feel like getting a professional massage. If you are trying to build muscles you can use the vibration machine with weights or other fitness equipment at home or gym. Sitting or standing on it will work your lower body more and by using the resistance bands provided you will get to work your upper body.

Clevr Ultraslim Black Crazy Fit Full Body Vibration Platform

Ultraslim Crazy Fit is claimed to help with maintaining reflex reactions- stimulating the reflex contractions of muscles which is like the most simple unconscious movement of a newborn and as all motor functions of your body relies on this movement, to keep things in order and to strengthen and tone the muscles. It can help prevent different diseases and health problems related to the cardiac, digestive, musculoskeletal and anxious systems by also helping cleanse the body of lactic acid and toxins. It can carry a maxi̇mum user weight of 265 pounds and the compact low profile design makes it good for step exercises and you will get your efficient workout in just a matter of minutes while the recommended session duration is ten minutes and three times a week for optimal results. It weighs 36 pounds and measures 28 x 16 x 7 inches- compact but not so lightweight and includes wheels for easier transportation. It has a digital control panel right at the top to show you the speed and time and you do not need to use the buttons on the panel when you are standing on the unit as it comes with a convenient remote control, especially to adjust speed without having to pause your vibration / exercise session.. Good buy, good value for money and worth considering even for just relaxing your muscles but can certainly do more.

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