Cravit DV-1000 Bread and Ice Cream Maker Review

Crãvit DV-1000 Bread and Ice Cream Maker

Cravit DV-1000 Bread and Ice Cream Maker

Cravit DV-1000 is a newly released stainless steel 2-in-1 bread and ice cream maker with a blue LCD display control panel and nine buttons underneath for Menu (for 15 different options), Weight, Color, Bake only, Mix, Homemade, Time +, Time – and Start (Pause/Stop), as well as the handy features like beep alerts with 15 hour delay timer, a Power Failure Backup, 12 minute “Pause”, 1 hour “Keep Warm” mode as well as gluten free, French bread and whole wheat (low carb), white, sweet and many other menu options. You may choose from 1, 1.5 and 2 pound bread loaf sizes and three crust shades of dark, medium and light to create 100 different types of freshly baked breads that smell and taste nice and it even lets you make jam and cake with its nonstick bread barrel and kneading paddle and you can view what’s going on inside through its large top viewing window. You have the horizontal loaf pan and a kneading paddle that will be used before baking and a 3/4 litre ice cream bucket for great tasting homemade ice cream in under ten minutes and you’ll also find a small recipe card with two very nice ice cream recipes. It stays in the “Keep Warm” mode for up to an hour after making the bread and will not continue cooking it during this one hour. Time and speed will be adjusted automatically by the bread machine to give you just the right texture, taste and crust shade.With the audible beep sound you will know when to take out the paddle after kneading is completed and when the unit is ready to start baking but this is optional.

Cravit DV1000 Bread and Ice Cream Maker

Silver Crvit DV-1000 looks great in stainless steel  and has a very sleek and stylish design, weighs 15.4 pounds and measures 13.8 x 8.8 x 10.5 inches and it does not take up a lot of space. It includes a Troubleshooting Manual with useful tips and  basic recipes as a bonus, which is written in poor English but easy to understand and it would be nice to have a professionally written manual. For making ice cream in small batches you will need to pre-freeze the 0.75 liter ice cream bucket as the unit doesn’t include a compressor as this is more of a bread machine with many functions and having a compressor as well would have increased the price significantly. But the ceramic bucket includes a freezing gel on the sides that gets very cold in under 1.5 hours and with the same frozen bucket you can make up to three small batches. Ice cream maker is very easy to operate as all you do is add ingredients after the bucket is frozen, put it in the unit and press the iMix button on the right hand side to get your home made frozen dessert in less than ten minutes and remove the ice cream onto a container immediately and use the bucket to make a second and third batch the same way. There is a dough making option on the menu with the delay feature that allows you to make dough for different purposes and the dough will need to be transferred to an oven. This is more of a modern bread maker with the additional functionality of ice cream making in small batches and the price seems fair for the features, versatility and design- costs more than some models and less than others. Bread maker is a little noisier than normal when it is mixing and kneading and manual could be written in a more professional English but other than that this is a great unit that is easy to use straight out of the box as it is super easy to set up, and will give you very good results in both bread and ice cream making as long as you follow the simple instructions carefully.

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