Crenova VS-01 Automatic Vacuum Sealer for Dry and Moist Foods Review

Crenova VS-01 Automatic Vacuum Sealer via Amazon

Crenova Automatic Vacuum Sealer VS-1

Crenova VS-1 is a modern automatic vacuum sealing system with a 110 watt power motor and 23-25’ HG vacuum strength for preserving dry and moist foods for much longer in the fridge, freezer or on cupboard shelves. All kinds of bacteria will breed after a while even when you keep your food in the fridge, with taste, texture and quality changing and what this vacuum sealer does is enclose food, pull all the air out and create a vacuum so as to stop or delay the deterioration of food, prevent molds, protect moisture, avoid freezer burns and preserve it for a long time. And you can also certainly use the sealer to keep other non-food items like important documents, silverware, jewelry, coins and other stuff. With many different vacuum sealers on the market with different prices and features it may be a tough decision to choose the right one and if you have just around a hundred bucks to spend for a vacuum sealer then this Crenova VS-1 appears to be a nice one with decent features to consider. It has a sleek and modern design, looks great in black and has a simple to manage control panel that will make the process easier for you. It is suitable for both home and professional use, solid and durable as it comes with a very strong seal bar and vacuum side by side, carries the ETL mark as a proof of being in compliance to published North American industry safety standards.

Crenova VS-1 Automatic Vacuum Sealer

You can vacuum and seal with a single button on the right and if you’re handling delicate or moist stuff you can use the cancel button to stop or pause at any time (to manually adjust the vacuum sealing), then you have the seal only button and food button for selecting dry or moist (for sauces, marinades etc.), LED indicators show you the progress of sealing and the results are claimed to be great with very strong seals to keep things fresh. Please note that any veggies that cause excess natural gas like garlic, onions, cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, asparagus and Brussels sprouts should be cooked properly before being vacuum sealed or the gas they release will accumulate in the vacuum sealed bag. It is designed to keep stuff you put in pantry crisp and those you put in freezer fresh generally for three months and is a necessary and very useful item probably in all kitchens so you can start buying your meat and other foods in bulk and pay less if you have enough freezer space. inHG stands for inches of mercury and it is the measurement for strength of vacuum and suction, the higher this figure the better it is and this unit has the 25’ HG which is like the maximum suction you can get and seals much quicker than competitor models. In the box you will get the Vacuum Sealer, User Manual and a Starter Pack with a total of 10 pieces of vacuum sealer bags- 5 of 28x40cm bags and 5 of 22x30cm bags (you can also purchase canister and tube separately as this vacuum sealer works with them just fine) and the warranty included is three years by the manufacturer, which is very good as far as the vacuum sealers are concerned.

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