Cuisinart TOB260N1 Chef’s Convection and Toaster Review

Cuisinart TOB260N1 Chef’s Convection and Toaster


Cuisinart TOB260N1 is the new, modern design stainless steel chef’s convection oven and toaster with an 1800 watt power and a large 0.95 cubic foot capacity that can accommodate a 9 x 13-inch baking pan, a whole 9-pound chicken, up to 9 slices of bread or a large 13-inch pizza stone. You have the brand new innovative speed convection, dual cook (starting with broil and moving to bake), defrost, reheat, bagel, waffle and sandwich functions as part of its 15 cooking functions as well as auto shut-off, +30 seconds and two-hour timer functions that will come in handy. You will see the LED buttons and a good size blue backlit display as part of the electronic control panel that is intuitive, handy and user-friendly, but also enhances the design of this oven toaster combo. It has an interior light so you can see what’s going on inside clearly without opening the door, which also helps with the heat stay locked in.

Toaster works efficiently and with the “Always Even Toast Shade Control” you will get the same great results every single time, at each slice and you can control the number of toast slices so as to optimize the toasting time and achieve the best results. You are guaranteed optimal results with very accurate temperature with the Exact Heat Sensor and faster heating thanks to the 1875 watt power. The interior is non-stick (pan is, racks aren’t) and rather easy to clean, as it also includes a crumb tray that is pulled out through the front bottom section that will also make the cleaning process much easier. It will make your life a lot easier in the kitchen, will let you make great home-cooked meals every single day, especially if you’re a busy person with not a lot of time to dedicate to cooking. Cuisinart Oven has a modern contemporary design with a brushed stainless steel robust construction, weighs 32.4 pounds and measures 20 x 11 x 13 inches excluding the front handle, is rather large inside with a 0.95 cubic foot capacity with two racks that you can slide out easily. 


You have the versatility and functionality of 15 different functions and settings, ease of operation, user-friendliness, very solid build and great quality overall, high 1875 watt heating power to heat up quickly, maintain precise temperatures, great appearance with stainless steel build, quiet running and more. Heating temperature and time will be adjusted automatically depending on the pizza size- diameter you choose, which is anywhere up to 13 inches. The temperature will reach 500 degrees in the broil function, 175 degrees in “Keep Warm” and up to 450 degrees when baking. Oven exterior can get very hot at the top and hot on the sides so do be careful, you can easily burn yourself. You will find these two racks, a 13 x 9-inch baking pan, a 13-inch pizza stone, and a broiling pan are included in the box. It is offered with a three-year limited warranty by Cuisinart owned by Conair Corporation with well over four decades of history, so you can have a peace of mind and you will get direct and easy assistance if you have any problems.

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