‎Deco Home 13lb. Compact Twin Tub Washing Machine w/ Spinner, TWSHM02 Review

‎Deco Home 13lb. Compact Twin Tub Washer Spinner

Deco Home 13LB Compact Washing Machine

Deco Home ‎TWSHM02 is a compact and portable semi-automatic washing machine with a 13lb. capacity in twin tubs for wash and spin dry. It has the agitation wash cycles and built-in gravity drainage system. You’ll need to use less soap and water in this washing machine and it is ideal for use in apartments, dorms and RVs.

White Deco Home Washer is lightweight and compact in size weighing just 13 pounds and measuring 13.6L x 21.3W x 23.6H inches. It seems to be the right size for those without a lot of space where they live or in portable homes. If you’re traveling in your RV or lack space in your campers, cabins, dorm room, this mini washing machine can save you on space, money and time. And it will save you from your trips to the laundromat and paying for it each time.

It is convenient to own and very effective with the deep cleaning agitation wash system that helps shake the loose grime and dirt safely and easily. The soapy water moves very quickly through your clothes without damaging any of the delicate items. And the spin dryer gets rid of the excess moisture on your clothes before hanging them for air drying. You’ll need less water and soap in this washing machine than the larger units, saving a bit of money in the long run.

Deco Home Washing Machine is made of very solid and durable, good quality plastic exterior that does not rust. It is easy to operate with the full control through the three dials of wash timer, drain selector or spin timer. You’ll get the best results from this washing machine if you put the clothes in evenly and balanced. If you throw them in randomly the washer can be unbalanced. And it comes withDeco Home 13LB Compact Washer Spinner an integrated gravity-fed hose that will discard the used water into a bathtub, toilet or sink.

You can wash your shirts, pants, underwear, socks and other items in this washing machine. It has a 230-watt power washing machine motor and a 130-watt spin motor, a 4.5lb. washing tub and a 3.5lb. spin dryer. Please refer to the instruction manual you’ll get in the package. This mini washer spinner can be used anywhere as long as there is a power outlet and somewhere to drain the used water. February 9, 2022 is the date it was first available at Amazon.com and is ranked the 25th best selling portable washing machine.

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