Deli-kit DK247-A01 30-inch LPG/NG Gas Cooktop Stovetop Review

Deli-kit DK247-A01 30″ LPG/NG Gas Cooktop

Deli-kit DK247-A01 30 inch LPG:NG gas cooktop

Deli-kit DK247-A01 is a 30-inch size stainless steel gas cooktop stovetop that is LPG and NG- natural gas compatible. It has the four sealed dual fuel brass burners with the 110V pulse ignition with the cast iron support for durability.

It has four burners with the power levels (burner heat inputs) of 1000W/H (auxiliary burner), 1750W/H (semi-rapid burner), 2750W/H (rapid burner) and 3300W/H (triple ring burner). The brushed stainless steel material used on these burners are anti-rust and corrosion resistant and difficult to get deformed. The surface is smooth and resistant to scratches and is very easy to wipe clean. It is best you use a soft damp cloth with a light soap for cleaning.

Cast iron material support is stable and heavy and helps with the longer use and durability and support for the heavy pots you put on it. The enamel coating makes it resistant to high temperatures and rusting. It has the 110V AC pulse ignition with the 100V plug shown in the photo. The default for this stainless steel gas cooktop is natural gas- NG and you need to use a connector with the regulator if you want to hook it up with the LPG gas. You’ll find the convert nozzle and the BS brass joint in the box. But it is best that you ask a professional to change the gas source.

Deli-kit DK247-A01 weighs 31.4 pounds and measures 29.9 x 19.7 x 3.9 inches with the cut measurements of 28.7 x 18.5 inches. You can use this cooker as a table-top unit with its 4 feet underneath and cook different types of foods in different styles. You can adjust the flame with the adjustment valve if you think Deli-kit DK247-A01 30 inch LPG:NGthe flame isn’t enough. You’ll get higher and clearer flame with the brass and aluminum burner on this stovetop, with more temperature resistance than the all aluminum burner.

If you’re not near a power outlet you can ignite it with a lighter or a match. This is a safe cooktop just like the other products by Deli-kit as the valves and gas leakages are inspected before getting out on the market. But you need to make sure you check all the joints and connections and that they are sealed properly and the burner set and caps and the woks are in the correct position. Deli-Kit is a home cooktop manufacturer with sturdy products with innovative design, efficiency, safety and energy conservation features. This specific Deli-Kit model, like others is built sturdy and durable to last a long time.

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