Della 12 Quart 1600-Watt Electric Pressure Cooker, 048-GM-48261 Review

Della 12 Quart 1600-Watt Electric Pressure Cooker


Della 048-GM-48261 is a stainless steel and aluminium, 12-quart capacity multifunctional electric pressure cooker with a 1600 watt power (120v/60Hz voltage) motor and a multifunctional timer. It acts as a slow cooker, rice cooker, pressure cooker, steamer, soup maker, saute pan and a yogurt maker. It is ideal for those that have fast-paced and busy lifestyles, with work, kids or other duties. And this offers them a faster and more practical way of cooking than stovetop or traditional oven. When we say pressure cooker, just do not think of those older pressure cookers that you use on stoves and were potentially dangerous these new modern pressure cookers, and this one, in particular, are perfectly safe to use, as it is  ETL, CSA and UL certified. Food will be cooked evenly and all the nutrients- minerals, vitamins etc., moisture and all the great flavours will be sealed and kept inside and you will get your awesome tasting and perfectly healthy meals- different types of main meals and entrees, whatever they may be. And one of the best things about it is you will need to spend less time cooking as your meals will be cooked much quicker for you as it will be up to 70% faster than traditional methods than regular cooking methods, with steam kept in and quietly.


Della Pressure Cooker has a smart LED-backlit display with an electronic touch control for white rice, brown rice, soup, porridge, multigrain, fish, beef, meat and poultry, beans, stew, yogurt, slow cook, saute and three options for light, standard and strong, just above the red-backlit 4 digit time display and all these functions make the unit rather easy to operate. It weighs 26 pounds and measures 16 x 14 x 16.25 inches, has a sleek and modern design and looks great in stainless steel, with the convenient and nice looking smart LED display panel. The way it works is, as the seal is locked tightly, all the steam will build up inside and the pressure created will lead to even higher temps. It allows you to control the pressure and temperature with the + and – buttons you will see on the control panel. Della Cooker has dual pressure settings and the low-pressure option helps prevent cooking the delicate foods too much. You can delay the cooking process with the preset time setting so you can set it to cook at a certain time before you get home from work or select the “Keep Warm” option and your meal stays warm for a while without overcooking. It is rather easy to clean with the non-stick interior, comes with a water catcher and the power cord length is 51 inches. In the package, you will find the Della Pressure Cooker, stainless steel rack, spoon, measuring cup and instructions manual.

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