Della 2.6 cu ft Mini Fridge Freezer, 048-GM-48309-BK Review

Della 2.6 cu ft Mini Fridge Freezer, 048-GM-48309-BK

Della 2.6 cu ft Mini Refrigerator Fridge Freezer

Black Della 048-GM-48309-BK is a compact cooler / mini fridge and freezer with a 2.6 cubic feet internal capacity for dorm or small kitchen use in condos, flats, wet bars or as an additional cooling unit for your beverages and snacks. It looks nice in black and has a sleek and modern design so it will be fine to the eyes in any decor, weighs 40 pounds, has the dimensions of 23 x 21 x 29 inches and with its small footprint it will not occupy a lot of space, with also the smooth back you can fit it anywhere, is good for small areas. It is both compact and convenient and power efficient being small and includes the natural and ecologically friendly R600a refrigerant (115V/60hz) to help the environment. The estimated annual electricity use is 238 kWh on average and with an estimated annual energy cost of 29 dollars. There is the white temperature dial/thermostat inside and you can set or adjust the temperature between 1 and 7 to keep your snacks and drinks at the optimal temperature.

Della 2.6 cu ft Mini Fridge Freezer

The 2.6 cubic feet capacity is 2.34 cubic feet for the fridge and 0.22 cubic feet for the small freezer, and you can put your microwave oven on top of the fridge if you are short on space. You can open the door from the left or right as it comes with a reversible door hinge and a built-in door handle to help you open it easily. You can store all kinds of beverages in it other than wine if you’re picky about your wine and as both white and red wine will require different temperature settings to a regular fridge freezer. It includes two adjustable strong glass shelves and slots for you to accommodate cans and bottles of different sizes, giving you storage versatility and helping you avoid messes and to keep the fridge cleaner. You also have the conveniently placed three door storage sections, two of them for tall bottles. You can plug it in and start using it straight away after taking it out of the box but like with any compressor type coolers it is always a good idea to let the potentially leaked oils during shipping settle for 12 to 24 hours. The price is also right and if you’re searching for a mini fridge that does the job well, runs relatively quietly (you will hear a light humming sound when it is doing the cycles), gives you flexibility, looks good and fits nicely in any small space without costing too much.

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