DELLA Deluxe 10 Tray, 850W Food Dehydrator, 048-GM-48174 Review

DELLA Deluxe 10 Tray, 850W Food Dehydrator via Amazon

DELLA Deluxe Electric Food Dehydrator, Fruit Meat Sausage, 10-Trays, 850-Watt review

DELLA Deluxe is a budget 850 watt powerful electric food dehydrator with 10 trays that make it suitable for bigger families, gardeners or anyone that would like to dry foods in larger batches of veggies, fruits, grains, meat, jerky, herbs, fish, spices or raising bread and cheese, yoghurt or re-crisping crackers. It weighs 18 pounds and measures 18.5 x 13 x 14.25 inches so will fit between any kitchen counter and upper cabinets, looks good with black exterior and blue trays with fronts that are specially designed so there is no need for a separate front door and you can look in through the clear blue trays to see what is going on. You will be able to dry different type of foods simultaneously thanks to the multiple trays. “Heat Retaining Lip Design” of the drawers is great and you do not have to open the whole lid to have a look at a single tray and you will not lose heat and time and you will not need the bulky front panel door and will save on space if you have a smaller kitchen. It has an LCD display panel that shows the timer for the ideal drying time and at the rear you have an on and off switch and temperature dial between 95 and 155 degrees Fahrenheit.

DELLA Deluxe Electric Food Dehydrator

DELLA Deluxe offers even heat distribution with the heating element and the fan mounted to the back but not the bottom. It has UL certification, includes an 850 watt power motor, 120 Volts and 60 Hz of voltage and can work up to 40 hours. Food preservation was always very important in human history with different techniques used with mostly an attempt to make summer harvest last through the winter, and lately we’re seeing a rise in food preservation and mostly with the modern food dehydrators on the market. In the dehydration process, up to 90 percent of moisture in foods is removed and this way the dehydrated foods will last much much longer than usual and you will not need to lay your tomatoes or thin layered foods in the sun. You will not be adding any preservatives, additives and chemicals or the amount salt you’ve had to use for preserving meat and it will all be natural, flavoursome and healthy as most of the nutrients, vitamins and minerals will still be in your food. When you dehydrate foods it will go down to less than half its size and you will need less storage space for them and in containers on your shelves they will be fine for months and will save you money as you won’t spend much money on more expensive and less healthy snacks at the shops and by buying foods in bulk as well.

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