DEWALT DCS491B 20V Max 18 Gauge Swivel Head Shear Review

DEWALT DCS491B 20V Max 18 Gauge Swivel Head Shear

DEWALT DCS491B 20V Max 18 Gauge Swivel Head Shear

DEWALT DCS491B is a 20 volt Max battery powered 18 gauge cordless and stainless steel shear with a powerful 5.0 amp all ball bearing motor for longevity and  a 360 degree swivel design (pivoting head and 360 degree maneuverability) to give you access to tight corners comfortably. It is designed to cut 7/32 inch strips and they curl out and get out of your working area for clearer viewing so that you get to do your job accurately and consistently, for hassle-free use.

Dewalt shear is very portable as it weighs only 4 pounds, with dimensions of 15 x 3 x 6 inches and with its cordless design, you can easily take it anywhere you want easily. Minimum cutting radius is specified as 5.5 inches which means you can cut radius of 5.5 inches or bigger and 0 to 2300 SPD strokes per minute. You can change the speed conveniently between 100 and 350 spm for different materials and applications with the variable speed dial and you can adjust it for different widths- nonstop use with the all ball bearing motor. This seems to be the ideal tool for cutting through metals easily. You are recommended to use it with a maximum of 20 gauge for stainless steel and 18 gauge for low carbon steel for optimal results.

DEWALT DCS491B 20V Max 18 Gauge Swivel Head Shear Bare Tool

You have the total control over the angle and feed rate and you should be able to work around different materials, plastic and metal and with a bit of practice you will be able to cut through and around things easily very soon as it is actually quite easy to use. This is a very solid and well constructed shear and you can cut sheet steels of tool drawers, has quite a bit of power and cuts things like thick aluminum and mesh hardware cloth very easily.

But on some occasions you may need to push it through the metal a little and may be a little harder cutting in a curve but is a good idea to clamp your metal to a workbench. You can hold the tool in different ways as it comes with a trigger that can be locked and you can do the corners properly thanks to the variable speeds. Overall it is a great shear for flat sheet metal, turns, angles or straight cuts with an ergonomic and user friendly design. This is bare tool / tool only and not offered as part of a set and does not include the battery or a case and you will need to purchase them separately. Black and Decker is owned by Dewalt so this unit is also referred to as Black & Decker Shear. It is offered by a 3 year limited warranty by Dewalt as a reasonable proof of its quality.

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