Digital Pressure Cooker Multifunctional 6 Quart Review

Multifunctional 6 Quart Digital Pressure Cooker 

Digital Pressure Cooker 6 Quart

This is the very recent release 6 quart capacity, 1000 watt power modern “Digital Pressure Cooker” with multiple functions and 15 modes of cooking programs. Despite being called a pressure cooker, as a multi-functional cooking device it also can be used as a rice cooker, slow cooker, chili maker, steamer and for saute and browning and at three times the speed of other cookers, with just a single touch of a button for creating a variety of great meals: Soups, stews and more. You have the Delay Timer, Keep Warm, Pressure Level, Cooking Timer, Manual Setting, Menu buttons, three temperature buttons- low, medium and high for slow cooking or sauteing. 15 micro-processor controlled menu presets are for meat, poultry, vegetables, steam, saute, slow cook, white rice, brown rice, beans, broth, curry, soup, multigrain, congee and chili but if you have a bit of experience with pressure cookers or when you get the hang of this model you can use the manual controls more often to get the results you want.

Digital Pressure Cooker 6 Quart 15 Programs“Digital Pressure Cooker” will maintain all the flavours, nutrients and moisture in nicely when you are cooking, especially steaming. “Keep Warm” function works between the 140 and 176 degrees Fahrenheit and works for up to two hours after cooking is complete. As this is a high pressure cooker it is a good idea to read the instructions manual to find out about certain features before using it and please note that it is designed for indoor use only and you will get certain security features like the security lock and float pressure valve with a functional pressure of 70 kpa and is designed for use in North America with 120 volts North American Electrical Standards. It has a detachable solid 8.66 inch diameter inner pot that is simple to clean. If you will be cooking dried veggies or rice it is a good idea to just fill the unit half full and with other normal stuff you can fill it two thirds for better results. Outer rim is made of stainless steel and is painted with thick heat-resistant black paint and the specified 6 quart size on the product description is for the whole thing- full size. And last but not least it comes with a nice recipe book of 50 nice recipes and an accessory pack including two spoons and a measuring cup by “Ideas In Life”. It is Made in China like most

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