Doit Commercial Freestanding 40 lbs. Ice Maker Review

Doit Commercial Freestanding 40 lbs. Ice Maker

Doit Commercial Ice Maker Machine

Doit Commercial Ice Maker is a freestanding design ice cube making machine with a 40 lbs. capacity every 24 hours and with a large ice storage capacity for 17 pounds or 8 liters. It is designed and created for use is bars, restaurants, cafes, coffee shops and homes.

Doit Commercial Ice Machine was first released at in August 2020 and there aren’t any reviews or ratings yet on the website. You can use this very productive ice maker machine for 24 hours non-stop, without any interruption. It will give you up to 32 ice cubes in only quarter of an hour. You have the additional storage capacity for a total of 17 pounds and with an efficient compressor it will hold a large amount of ice cubes solid for a long time.

It has a multi-functional LED-backlit control panel that is easy to operate. You can choose from three sizes of ice, Small, Medium and Large and you have the light warning indicators for Ice Full (ready for use) and Water (when it’s run out of water and needs some added) indicators. It will stop ice making automatically in both cases and will restart when you get the ice cubes out or add some more water manually. And if you go with the water inlet mode, it is automatic. It comes with the user friendly functions like automatic cleaning to save you on time and effort.

Doit Commercial Ice Maker

It has a modern and efficient R134a compressor with 280 watts of power (120V/60Hz) to keep your ice cubes frozen. It works well as a freestanding/standalone or under the counter type use and would look nice in your kitchen with its stainless steel body and black front section. It measures 13.8 x 14.09 x 24.8 inches or 35 x 35.8 x 63cm. This great ice maker machine can be connected to a continuous water supply with the automatic mode set, or you can choose to add water manually.

Please refer to the instructions which may tell you to press some buttons if you find that it is not freezing, making ice or flowing water over the water. And if the problem isn’t fixed, you can contact the seller or customer support team. The ice maker comes with a drain pipe to get rid of the extra unused water. It is nice to have the flexibility of using it near an auto water supply or being able to add water manually. It does what it is supposed to do well, makes ice quickly and works relatively quietly without making much noise. The drain tube is not the best quality, but otherwise it is good value for money.

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