DRINKPOD USA 100 Series Bottle Less Water Cooler Review

DRINKPOD USA 100 Series Bottle Less Water Cooler

DRINKPOD USA 100 Series Bottle Less Water Cooler

Drinkpod USA 100 Series is a bottle-less water cooler with a four stage filtration and purification system with four filters. It has a very good quality construction, looks good in black and silver and is suitable for both home and office use.

You have the three temperature modes and very hot, cold and room temperature water instantly at your request, with the help of a very efficient, stable and quiet compressor. The very good quality, tasty, healthy and pure water is achieved by the 4-stage 3+ ultrafiltration system. It has a smart design that keeps the touch buttons out of reach for the kids and with the built-in intuitive security lock.

With the EZ twist filter system, the filter is quick and easy to replace with a twist of a wrist and so along with the other features, the maintenance takes only a couple of minutes. There will be no leaking of water or drip, thanks to the advanced seal technology. You will know when there is moisture accumulation as the lights on the front panel will blink at the same time when it detects the moisture on the baseplate and will shut off automatically.

drinkpod 100 bottleless water cooler Drinkpod 100 Series has a high output and the Drinkpod 3+ Ultrafiltration performs better than other filtration systems on the market. The four stage filtration process begins with the lead and other sediments’ removal by a particle scrub. Then the chlorine and other chemicals are cleaned by a chemical scrub. At the third and fourth stages, the contaminants are reduced down to the level of 001 microns and very clear and tasty water will be achieved.

You will not have to deal with large water tanks or bottles as the unit uses your waterline directly. It includes some unique features like the EZ twist filter system, moisture detection and shut-off and precision mechanical dispensers. The hot water is piping hot and you can make tea or soup, and the cold water is very cold thanks to the efficient compressor for your chilled and refreshing drinks on hot summer days.

The Drinkpod 100 Series has a very sleek and modern design with stainless steel accents and will fit with any decor. It has a very sturdy construction and is strong both inside and outside. It weighs 40 pounds, measures 10 x 15 x 41 inches, is a mid-sized unit but has a very small footprint. You will find two switches at the rear, for hot and cold water so you can turn them off when you won’t be needing hot or cold water, so you save on power usage.

You will get the first set of filters included in the box and the filters can be purchased on Amazon.com when you need them. They should be replaced every one year or so but can last for more than two years in low usage. The filter lifespan will depend on the quality of water to be filtered and how often you use the unit. Drinkpod USA 100 Series is a very good quality water cooler with a sturdy construction, unique features, functionality and user friendliness. It is great for those that are health conscious and picky about the quality of water they drink.

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