Ecopriso 32″ and 47″ Entryway Console Sofa Table with Drawers, Outlets and USB Ports Review

Ecopriso 32″ and 47″ Entryway Console Sofa Table w/ Outlets & USB Ports

Ecopriso Entryway Table with Outlets and USB Ports

Ecopriso Entryway Table is a rustic, vintage and versatile console or sofa table with two drawer and storage shelves, USB ports and outlets, for use in the hallways, foyers, living rooms, couches and kitchens. It is offered in 32-inch and 47-inch sizes and two color options of grey oak and rustic brown. Please check out the Amazon product page for the current price differences. 

The 32” Ecopriso Entryway Table weighs 31.9 pounds and measures 11.8D x 32W x 31.8H inches and will fit any small space very well. And the 47” table with three drawers measures 11.8D x 47.2W x 31.8H inches. You get quite a bit of storage space in the drawers and on two mesh shelves of this sofa table for your different items and keep your space organised. When you open the drawers all the way they will not fall out. It has the pull-out drawer tops, double mesh storage layers, adjustable foot pads and black round knobs.

Ecopriso Console Table comes with the two regular outlet plugs and 2 USB ports on the side for charging your different electronic devices like smartphone, tablets, AirPods, remotes etc. This electrical outlet board can be set up on the left or right side of this console table depending on your needs and will not take up any space. The wire of the plug is 6.56 feet long and will give you a bit of flexibility in terms of where you put the console table. And you’ll get a velcro tape for organising the wires quickly.

The wood veneer on this sofa table looks quite nice and it will look good in any part of your house, matching the decor well. You can use this console table as an aquarium stand, gaming console table, plant stand,  a TV console table in the living room, coffee bar table, couch table, foyer table, shoe storage and window table. This grey sofa table is built with a metalEcopriso Entryway Table with Outlets and USB Ports Console Table frame and the solid board and includes the adjustable feet underneath for getting rid of any wobbles. 

The Ecopriso console table is easy to assemble without the detailed instructions included without needing any additional tools. The hardware like screws have the numbers and the larger parts have the letters for you to put the pieces together easily. If you encounter any problems with the assembly you can contact the customer service team and they shall get back to you within 24 hours. In the package you’ll find the rustic and vintage sofa table with drawers, a pack of accessories and the detailed instructions. It has the pull-out drawer tops, double mesh storage layers, adjustable foot pads and black round knobs. 

Each drawer on the 32” model measures 14.5L x 11.8W x 4.9H inches and 14.5L x 11.8W x 4.9H inches on the 47” model. The drawers are thin but come with the extra reinforcement boards underneath that make them rather sturdy. The back of this console table is finished if you’ll not be putting it against a wall- it is finished all over. Overall it is quite a nice console / sofa / hallway table at a reasonable price and we’re happy to recommend it. February 19, 2022 is the date it was first available at and is ranked the 7th best selling sofa table at the time of this review. The average user rating for this number one new release sofa console table is 4.6 out of 5 stars by 19 customers.

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