Epica Personal Blender with Take-Along Bottle, EP82515 Review

Epica Personal Blender with Take-Along Bottle

Epica Personal Blender EP82515 with Take-Along Bottle

Epica EP82515 is a compact personal blender with a 300 watt motor (110V)- an easy to use and convenient device for blending, whipping, pureeing, mixing and chopping. It comes with the stainless steel base, a small 20 ounce dual use jar that turns into drinking bottle with a simple twist and a standard two prong wall outlet that plugs into polarised three prong socket. You have the dials for lock and unlock for the bottle with measurements on the side and you need to twist the top to fill the bottle with ingredients, and put the lid on when you’re ready. For making smoothie mix, fruits and drinks, soups and sorbets, you just twist the blending cap without squeezing too much, place it on the base, lock it in its place (as a security feature, motor will not work unless the jar is locked properly) and hit the on/off button at the front. It looks very cool and sleek with stainless steel base and slim clear bottle, weighs 3.4 pounds and measures 9.8 x 9.4 x 6.6 inches- takes up very small space, rather compact and lightweight yet quite powerful, fast and efficient for such a small unit as it powers through the hard stuff- frozen stuff and ice (blends quickly and grinds everything down) and you can comfortable use it more than once every day. It is designed for making quick drinks to take with you on the go as the blender bottle turns into a drinking bottle as you just twist the base, remove the blades and put the drinking spout lid on.

Epica Personal Blender EP82515 with Take Along Bottle

You can make hot or cold stuff as it can blend and hold between the temperatures of -40 to 175 degrees Fahrenheit- soup, hot cereal mix, smoothie, protein shakes, cold cocktails or fruit drink to take to the gym, work, school or office and also make whipped cream or dips and salsas. It is built sturdy and tough so both the stainless steel base with solid motor and the jar are very much resistant to scratch, dent or break. Jar and anything that comes into contact with food is BPA-free so you won’t get weird smells or plastic taste going into your smoothie. The powerful 300 watt (110 Volts) motor will deliver 23,000rpm rotating speed and it has four stainless steel blades that are surgical quality so will process your ingredients very quickly and efficiently and will also work with ice cubes and frozen fruits straight out of the freezer just fine. Jar is perfectly suitable for going into the dishwasher (is easy to clean as you can also just wipe the base with a damp cloth), freezer or fridge. It has rubber grip suction feet underneath to help the blender in its place when it is on so there is no sliding or tipping over and the motor shuts off automatically if it senses the jar is not on the top and locked properly. It is small and not noisy despite its processing power but you can always take it with you to work if you won’t want to wake people up in the morning. In the box you will get the blender base, dual use jar / take along bottle, lid with drinking spout, four blades and Instructions Manual with recipes. It is shipped quickly via Amazon.com and you get two years of warranty by the manufacturer.

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