EROMMY Oneinmil Mini Portable Washing Machine with Spinner, 17lb. & 12.5lb. Review

EROMMY Oneinmil Mini Washing Machine

erommy oneinmil portable washing machine

Black EROMMY Oneinmil Mini Washing Machine is a compact and portable 2-in-1 unit with a 17 lb. capacity and twin tubs for separate wash and spin cycles. The average customer rating is 4.4 out of 5 stars by 9 users on the day of this post release.

It is designed for use in apartments, dorms, camping, RVs, wherever you don’t have a lot of space for a full size washing machine and you are near a power outlet (110v/60Hz). You have two color options on the Amazon product page, black and blue with the 12.5 lb. capacity blue at about 20 dollars cheaper at the moment. The design on two models is also slightly different. The black Erommy Washer has a compact exterior and a spacious interior with a total washer capacity of 10 pounds and spin dry cycle capacity of 7 pounds.

Erommy Washing Machine looks quite nice and modern, weighs 28.6 pounds and measures 24.8 x 15 x 28.5 inches and is big enough to load a few large and small garments at the same time for washing. Even the jeans and bed sheets are OK to be washed in this washing machine. It would work perfectly for people that want or need an automatic washing machine but lack the space for a large, full-sized one. It has a powerful enough motor that offers decent overall performance in washing and rinsing and by less twisting and damaging the clothes but with still a better cleaning. It also runs quieter than the ones on the competitor models.

You can use the washing and spin drying sections simultaneously, by having the second batch of clothes in the washer while you transfer the first batch of clothes to the spinner. The gravity drain design on this washing machine will drain the water with small pauses, to prevent a regular bathroom sink from overflowing. Less water and less detergent are needed and used in this washer, to get the same great cleaning results that you would with more in other washing machines. You have the separate timers for the washer tub (up to 15 mins) and the spinner tub (up to 5 mins) and you have different modes (Soft, Switch, Standard and Drain) for the wash tub.

It is easy to operate as you put your dirty clothes in, turn on the faucet, add some water and adjust the time setting. You can attend your other tasks in the house while the washer is doing the work. It will save you on time and money by not going to the not so cheap laundry places. The water inlet and spin functions are there for you to save on labor/effort, energy, water erommy oneinmil portable washing machine specificationsusage and time. The exterior frame is made of PP and ABS materials and the interior is stainless steel. The inlet pipe is 47 inches long and the drain pipe is 33.9 inches and the hose connectors and sink connections are 0.6″.

You need to place the washing machine on a flat ground and please see the Amazon product page and the user manual for the operation instructions. You only should use liquid or powder detergent and not pods, as pods won’t work in this washer. It is a great little washing machine that works as promised and would work well in small apartments. We’re happy to recommend it to those on a low budget and small space available in their houses. It comes with a year of manufacturer warranty. You can buy it from Amazon with a peace of mind as the seller and the Amazon customer support team are available for any problems or questions you may have about the product.

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