Esfocor Punching Bag & Speed Boxing Bag with Stand Review

Esfocor Punching Bag & Speed Boxing Bag with Stand

Esfocor Punching Bag with Stand

Esfocor Punching Bag is a set of sandbag workout bag set of two and a heavy duty punching bag stand / rack that is made of powder coated iron. It also comes with a free small speed boxing bag for speed training, apart from the main boxing punch bag for your resistance training.

The PVC material inflatable speed ball is resistant to high abrasion. The bracket is made of steel and the punching bag is EPE with the PVC cover. The stand has a triangular base that makes it firm and stable. This heavy bag pump holder can be assembled easily in about half an hour by following the instructions. You must make sure that each boxer screw is tightened properly for the stability overall when you’re exercising.

The boxing ring has a total weight capacity of 132 pounds, which is how much you can hang on it. You’ll find four vertical tubes on the base of the boxing ring that you can place with the other weights for improving the heavy bag stand’s stability. If you want to hang a heavy sandbag, you’re recommended to put more weight on the sandbag rack. The product weighs 67.02 pounds (30.4kg) and measures 51.9 x 17.32 x 82.6 inches (153.5 x 60 x 6cm). The sandbag is 39.31 inches long.

These punching and speed bags are filled by the machine and have the uniform weight and density. The punching bag is very solid and durable, having passed thousands of tests before going out on the market. A stand upboxing bag such as this Escofor can be great for improving your technique, endurance and cardiovascular conditioning. You can doEsfocor Punching Bag with Stand, Sandbag Set different strikes and techniques and also have a full body contact that is similar to what you find in a boxing ring. It is good for improving your power and resistance training as it focuses on as many muscles as possible.

You will increase your power and strength by time as you kick and punch with the most you have. Escofor Punching Bag and Stand are shipped swiftly from an Amazon warehouse and should usually get to your address within 3 to 5 days. They offer good customer support online 24 hours and 7 days a week. And the company stands behind this good quality product. In the box you will find a steel boxing rack, a sandbag and a speed ball. This set of punching bag, stand and speed boxing bag first became available at on July 23, 2021 and it is currently ranked 33rd among the strength training sets on the website.

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