Essential Small Kitchen Appliances

Essential Small Kitchen Appliances- What to Get This Year?

Coffee Machine
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There are so many different types and brands of small kitchen appliances with different special functions on the market and you only have a limited space in your kitchen and a certain amount of money you can spend, so it is important to pick the ones that will do the most and the best, taking up the least space possible and making you spend less and will also help you save money in other ways. Or would you rather have an ultra magical robot that can do it all for you? We know that this is not possible at this stage, at the current level of technology, so let’s see the ones we think are the most important, especially for the busy individuals.

The first small appliance that comes into our minds would be the very practical and useful mixer that will help you make soups, mix doughs and batters, cream sugar and butter, whip eggs and would you choose a stand mixer or a hand mixer for these tasks? This will depend on how much and how often you cook- if you’re a regular baker or a great chef or a busy professional with a life outside the kitchen and the house and that cooks occasionally. You may need a blender if you like making healthy smoothies, nice cocktails, pureed and creamy soups, if you find yourself liquefying ingredients and crushing ice. And your third option is a decent food processor if you will be grating, shredding or chopping a lot and if you will be grinding or processing veggies or other ingredients not very frequently then a mini chopper may do the job for you.

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Do you love coffee and you’re not impressed with the taste and texture of instant coffee or cheap coffee machine coffee, then perhaps you will want to invest in a decent espresso machine that doesn’t have to cost thousands either. You just have to check the best sellers and hot new releases on and read the reviews and see the average rating and find which model best suits your needs within your budget. If you find yourself making a lot of toasts then you may want to get a toaster and this will depend on how fussy you are about your toast and this will determine whether you need a fancy toaster with different features or a simple metal stovetop one. Do you like fried foods but you can’t eat them because you prefer to eat healthy, then what about an air fryer that fries quickly with no or very little oil and gives you the exact same taste and texture of the deep-fried.

We also quite like the latest pressure cookers with different safety features and we prefer them to slow cookers, some actually have multiple functionalities and are promoted as 7-in-1 or 8-in-1 cookers- we’ve actually reviewed some of them. All kitchens will need an electric kettle and some of you may think you will not need it but once you have it you will find yourself using it for hot or boiling water all the time for your tea, coffee, instant soup or noodles, as it is much faster and more energy efficient than heating water on the stove. All kitchens are different, some are very small and others are very big, people have different budgets to spare for their small kitchen appliances and different needs and eating habits, so it is hard to tell what would be the most important appliances for everyone. So what do you think which small appliances you will need in 2017 and are there any old units in your kitchen that need replacing with brand new appliances with more functions?