FDW Dining Room Table Set with 4 Chairs Review

FDW Dining Room Table Set with 4 Chairs

FDW Dining Room Table Set

FDW Dining Room Table Set has only been released recently and is listed as the number one new release in kitchen and dining room sets. This rectangular dining set with 4 nicely padded comfortable chairs is ideal for smaller spaces, in living rooms or kitchens.

You’ll get the handy user manual and instructions included in the package and is fairly easy to put together. All parts are conveniently listed and numbered and the specific steps are also shown on the instructions card. The convenient chamfer design is good for protection and preventing injuries to your kids. The chairs have a curved back that makes them more ergonomic.

High quality thick and strengthened glass is very sturdy and durable and resistant to scratches during your daily use. The smooth surface is also quite easy to clean with a damp cloth. The upholstered dining chairs have the modern faux leather, look nice and make a nice addition to any dining room. Putting this dining set into your living room or casual dining area will give the that space an update. And it will make a nice and comfy place for your family, friends and guests to get together.

This elegant and comfy dining set has a small footprint and takes up minimal floor space. You can move the chairs under the dining table when you’re done with your meal and save on a bit of room space. There are no raw cuts or edges to catch on your clothes as all the edges on the chairs and the table are finished. The dining table FDW Dining Table Set Designweighs 46.9 pounds and measures 47.2 x 27.6 x 29.5 inches and the chair is 38H x 15.3D x (12.6-15.7)W inches. It looks nice in all black, just like in photos.

For the price point it is a pretty good value dining set, not the best but not bad at all. We like that it is easy to put together even on your own by following the instructions in about one to two hours. The chairs are lightweight and easy to carry around. We also quite like the tough smooth glass surface of the dining table. It is shipped swiftly via Amazon.com from US warehouses. You will get the pieces without any peeling or scratches as they will be very carefully packed. It is a good value dining table with 4 chairs at a budget price. Of course there are  better quality tables and chairs on the market but they cost much more.

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