Fiskars 17″ StaySharp Plus Reel Mower- 6207 Review

Fiskars 17 Inch StaySharp Plus Reel Mower 


The Fiskars 362070-1001 Staysharp Plus is a modern push reel lawn mower that uses innovative technology to include special ergonomics for comfortable mowing, even over long periods of time. It can operate without any gasoline or oil, thereby eliminating any potentially annoying noise that other lawn mowers make when they are being used. This particular mower features an InteriaDrive Reel, which results in 75% more cutting power than most other standard reel mowers.

There are quite a few different positive features when it comes to this lawn mower, including the fact that it eliminates the cost and inconvenience of annual blade sharpening as well as the expense of gasoline. Those who want a new lawn mower but want to save as much time and money as possible will certainly find this one to be an attractive overall deal.

Priced quite reasonably, the Fiskars mower offers a lot for the money it costs. A lot of the people who have purchased the Fiskars 362070-1001 push reel lawn mower have given it very positive reviews online for a number of reasons, including the fact that it doesn’t require any of the gasoline, oil or charging that most others do. Many people also like its eco-friendly design, as it doesn’t use any oil or gas to operate. According to some of those that reviewed this mower claim that they have never experienced any significant problems with it when mowing their lawns, and that doing so is actually easier than most other mowers they’ve used in the past. 


You will find that this mower uses a unique grass discharge chute to throw grass clipping forward in a clean way that doesn’t end up all over your feet, which is yet another great thing about it.

It is able to cut all different types of grass and operate on uneven terrain without any problems. Perhaps one of the only negative things that can be said about this mower is that it is a bit pricey for being a more basic model, though it does work quite well according to many people who have purchased it in the past. 

Overall, the Fiskars 362070-1001 Push Reel Lawn Mower is a great option to consider for those who are currently looking for a new mower because theirs no longer works or gets the job done properly. Despite the somewhat high price of this mower, it does have quite a bit to offer as a whole.

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