FISUP Magnetic Rowing Machine Rower Review

FISUP Magnetic Rowing Machine Rower

Fisup Magnetic Rower

Black and yellow FISUP Rower is a modern, powerful, silent and adjustable cardio fitness equipment with a sturdy alloy frame, magnetic resistance and a rotating LCD display for home or office use.

The current average customer rating is 4.2 out of 5 stars by 30 users and the reviews are mainly favorable. The total suggested weight this Fisup Rower can carry is 265 pounds on its alloy steel frame and the machine itself weighs about 28 pounds. You can adjust the resistance level for a harder or easier workout. It can be used by the different members of your family on a daily basis, but not by many people at different weights in a gym setting.

A rowing machine such as this one will help train different parts of your body at the same time, getting your legs, arms, shoulders, abdominals and back involved. It will help increase your heart rate, enhance blood flow, burn calories and strengthen your different muscles. There is 30-inch high, large rotating digital display panel that shows the distance traveled, time exercised, current speed, calories burned, SPM, ambient temperature and date. It is there to help you keep updated of your workout stats and progress, to achieve your targets quicker.

The 18-inch wide rower seat is 9 inches off the ground with a leg movement distance of 50 inches. With a robust steel frame and triangle design it feels safe and stable and has an ergonomic design with adjustable foot platforms and a wide molded comfy seat and the foam-padded handles. Shorter or taller, younger or older people can use it comfortably as long as they do Fisup Silent Magnetic Rowernot weigh more than 260 pounds. But the leg space is 50 inches and may be a little tight if you’re very tall. There is a tablet holder when you can place your iPad, tablet or smartphone.

This rower is compact and doesn’t occupy a lot of space wherever you put it. It has a conveniently foldable design and you can move it easily on its transportation wheels to a good spot for storage. It is a well constructed rowing machine with good quality parts and components and all the fitness products are designed carefully and checked thoroughly before getting out on the market. And they meet the fitness industry standards set out by the US. It is a fairly recent release rowing machine that first appeared at in February 2020. You can get rid of any plastic sheeting on the equipment as it is for avoiding any scratches during the transportation.

The rower is shipped quickly and the assembly is easy enough and you can put the pieces together on your own. You have enough challenge on this rower with 8 real levels of magnetic resistance and you should get results over regular use. It is a great, budget priced rowing machine that works well with a seat that glides smoothly and gives you a good workout with decent amount of resistance. Many users without very high expectations of a premium rower will be happy with it and we’re happy to recommend it. FISUP Rower comes with a warranty of one year by the manufacturer and please email or call the customer service for any queries or problems. Please note that although it is sturdy and durable for home use it would not be suitable for commercial use.

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