Fitness Reality X-Class 520 Magnetic Tension Indoor Exercise Bike Review

Fitness Reality X-Class 520 Exercise Bike


Fitness Reality X-Class 520 Magnetic Tension display panel

Fitness Reality X-Class 520 is a modern indoor spinning bike with magnetic resistance, a 44 lb.flywheel and a Precision belt drive that will help give you a real road experience. It has a heavy duty construction with a sturdy wide steel frame and can carry 300 pounds of user weight. This is the same model as the Ironman 520 Indoor Bike that was discontinued- Ironman and Fitness Reality are both brands of Paradigm Health and Wellness.

The integrated computerized LCD panel monitors speed, calories burned, distance traveled, time exercised, current speed, RPMs, watts, and heart rate.Properly aligned and balanced 44 lb. flywheel along with the precision belt drive ensure a smooth, quiet and consistent ride. There will be no shaking or tipping during your exercise session thanks to the floor stabilizers that are adjustable. The sporty and comfy seat can be adjusted in four directions of up, down, forward and back. You have the multi-grip handlebars that are also adjustable four ways and you can hold them at different points and they are comfortable to hold for your long sessions.

Fitness Reality X-Class 520 Magnetic Tension bike

The anti-slip pedals are made of steel and include straps and toe cages to keep your feet in place and there will be no slipping. It is actually claimed to be sturdier than most fitness bikes you can find at your local gym. And you can stand up and pedal for an uphill riding experience.

You can pedal it in two directions- forward and backward and build strength and endurance, burn some calories, tone your leg muscles and core with different levels of difficulty- resistance. When you’re done with your daily training session you can tilt it and move it on its large transport wheels to a convenient part of your house. There is a tablet holder on the display panel at the front and you can put your smartphone or tablet to watch some videos or listen to music.

You also have a convenient water bottle holder so you can keep hydrated during your workout. It weighs 136 pounds as a rather heavy duty product that is hard to lift and measures 49 x 53 x 24 inches as assembled (you’ll find the assembly tools and instructions in the box as usual). People between the heights of 5’ and 6’4” with a weight of up to 300 pounds can use it comfortably according to the manufacturer, and this should cover the majority of adults. With the modern 3-piece crank system you do not need to worry about any maintenance issues and with already the robust build frame and good quality components.

The X-Class 520 is inspected and tested in the lab thoroughly for performance and durability. There are only minor cons to the previous Ironman 520, such as the indicators not being very accurate which we think should be corrected in this new model and a couple of customers reported that they did not get the customer support they needed. And there is a lifetime warranty on the frame, two years on the electronics and the usual wearable parts and five years for the labor and other parts. This is a very well-made, solid and sturdy bike that feels smooth and quiet to ride consistently and that should last you many years.

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