Fitness Republic Steel Dumbbell Rack with Neoprene Dumbbells Review

Fitness Republic Steel Dumbbell Rack


Fitness Republic Steel Dumbbell Rack has the latest practical and ergonomic design and comes with solid stackable dumbbells that are made of neoprene, rubber and vinyl- cast iron, soft to touch neoprene and matte finish so you can hold them tightly and comfortably. Steel rack is sent unassembled but is simple enough to put together with an allen key and spanner or an adjustable wrench, as long as you follow the instructions, and measures 17.12 x 11.61 x 17.12 inches (and the 5 holder rack measures 17.12 x 14.96 x 26.37 inches as assembled- both versions take up as little space as possible if you have limited gym space at home and is rather portable (shipping weight of 9.2 pounds).

The 5 holder version is designed for smaller weights, so if you will be storing larger weights you may want to go for the 3 holder rack or your heavy weights can be a bit too close to each other on the rack. Another thing is that the plastic covers on each slot where you put the racks can come off when you lift the weights so you may want to glue them properly. You have the option to get it in three holders that can carry 120 pounds of compound weight and five holders with 200 pounds of weight capacity. It is designed for indoor home use and with a solid steel construction, offering solid support for your weights / dumbbells, it is designed to last you much longer. Thanks to the galvanised screws, there will be no rusting and oil compounds will not build up on the rack surface. After you unload the contents of the box and find the tools provided, please find two bottom shelves and the separator, then follow the assembly instructions on the product page, to do the base and the top. In total, the assembly shouldn’t take you more than half an hour even if you’re not good with this kind of stuff.


It is best if you have the dumbbell rack on a flat floor and if not flat you need to adjust the top so you get the best out of it and ensure the bolts are tightened properly. About the size of dumbbells you can use with this rack, as long as you have a minimum grip length of 3 inches, you’ll be fine, and you can purchase a range of vinyl, neoprene and rubber coated dumbbells between 2 and 25 pounds from Fitness Republic, just pay attention to the total weight capacity of the rack you’re purchasing. The rubber pads serve dual purposes of giving the dumbbells a solid and stable stand and there will be no harm to the coating on the dumbbells. This is a solid and durable, high-quality product that is well designed and looks great, that works as promised and does what it is supposed to do very efficiently, which is providing your dumbbells a convenient storage space- keeping them from lying around on your floor. It is offered with one year of warranty by the manufacturer- Fitness Republic.

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