Four Uncles QH-09  Food Saver Vacuum Sealer Review

Four Uncles QH-09  Food Saver Vacuum Sealer

Four Uncles Vacuum Sealer

Four Uncles QH-09 is is a modern food saver vacuum sealer unit with four different modes including moist and gentle and a built-in cutter and a marker. The average user rating is currently a 4.8 out of 5 stars by 86 users, indicating a high level of customer satisfaction.

It is designed to help keep your food items fresh up to 5 times longer and save you money while enjoying healthier snacks and foods. You will also be saving on fridge and freezer space by storing the sealed foods and it works very well with the sous vide cookers. You can choose from the Dry and Normal for most foods, Gentle for delicate foods or Moist Food modes for juicy, watery stuff.

Four Uncles Vacuum Sealer comes with a removable drip tray to hold the juices from foods and can be removed easily for cleaning purposes. It is very easy to operate with a clear interface and touch buttons to make it much easier for you to vacuum and seal your different food items. It has the built-in security features against overheating etc. so that the plastic bag is not scalded when the heating bar goes above a certain temperature.

Four Uncles Food Saver Vacuum Sealer

You just put the vacuum sealer bag on the built-in cutter and slide the button from left to right to get your item vacuum sealed in the bag. You can also use it for vacuum jars and preserving wine. There is a starter kit of a vacuum cork and a suction hose. Four Uncles Vacuum Sealer will help triple the shelf life of your frozen food items and dried foods and maintain the natural, bright food flavors. And you can take advantage of the sales at the supermarkets and buy in bulk.

With the convenient small portioning in the vacuum sealed bags you can prepare foods for the whole week at once to save you time and effort for later on or when you’re preparing food for your camping trip. It can be used in both automatic and manual modes and by using the manual mode you can adjust how long the vacuum extraction will last depending on your needs at the time. With the strong suction the vacuum sealer will get to the tight vacuum level quickly and seal very tightly as you press the Vac/Seal button. It is a nice little vacuum sealer at quite an affordable price and seems to be at least worth checking out among the other options on Amazon.

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