Fresh World Vacuum Sealer with Starter Kit, TVS-2150 Review

Fresh World TVS-2150 Vacuum Sealer with Starter Kit

Fresh World Vacuum Sealer with Starter Kit

Fresh World TVS-2150 is a modern 2-in-1 retractable handheld and standard, well-built and sturdy, multifunctional vacuum sealer, so you can vacuum and seal a variety of food and non-food items including clothing, jewelry, wine, paperwork and more. It can be used with the regular zipper bags, canisters and containers via the accessory port and includes a starter kit of a roll of 5m x 28cm bag that is both reusable and safe, an additional gasket and the user manual. The instructions booklet includes a chart that shows how long the foods stay fresh after being vacuum sealed so you may want to put dates on the bags if you wish.

You will see the buttons for Seal only, Dry/Moist and Vacuum Seal/Cancel at the top; Accessory port and easy lock on the right-hand side; again pulse and roll bag storage section at the top. There are two gaskets inside, one on the top and one on the bottom, a dishwasher safe and removable drip tray to prevent any mess as it catches the overflowing liquids and to make the unit easier to clean and a heating wire at the front which you should be careful with, as indicated on the unit “Caution: Hot”. You can just do an air suction, seal only, half vacuum seal and automatic full vacuum seal so you can select one of the options for whatever you may need. Fresh World Vacuum Sealer includes a roll storage section and an integrated bag cutter and you will be able to operate it with just the single touch of buttons. It has a compact and space saving design so you can have it permanently on your countertop as it also looks good in black and gray and with a modern and sleek design, measures 13 x 6.2 x 3.1 inches, weighs 3.7 pounds and includes a very large sealing strip for safe, air-tight sealing.

Fresh World Vacuum Sealer for Food Paperwork Wine Jewelry Clothing

It will help keep your foods fresh up to five times longer than the regular zipper bags and the majority of your food items will stay fresh for several months and there will be no freezer burns on your foods or bad odors in your fridge as the bad bacteria or bugs will be kept away. Please note that you shouldn’t be using this vacuum sealer on wet surfaces and not close to electric ovens or induction and gas cookers. It is important that you take little breaks of around 20 secs if you use it non-stop for a few seals so that you don’t cause it to overheat. Try and fill the plastic bags up to 75% and not full and please leave 1.2 inches between the ingredients and the container lid when you’re using the vacuum canister. It is a very robust unit built with good quality components, includes a high-tech motor that makes the unit run quietly and an ABS panel and conforms to the standards set by ROHS, CE, EMC and other organizations. Warranty offered by the seller, MixMart is a generous lifetime hassle-free warranty so you can have a peace of mind.

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