Galanz GL31S5 2 Door Stainless Steel Dorm Size Refrigerator Review

Galanz GL31S5 2-Door Stainless Steel Dorm Size Fridge

Galanz GL31S5 2 Door Stainless Steel Dorm Size Refrigerator

Silver Galanz GL31S5 is a hot new release two-door stainless steel fridge with a 3.1 cubic feet capacity for storing both food and beverages. It is suitable for use in dorm rooms, game rooms, office or small home kitchens.

It has a good size and efficient frost-free freezer “Separate True Freezer Compartment” with a separate door and you can store your frozen meals, fruits, ice cream containers or ice. There is storage on both the fridge and freezer with a great organization like space for a 2-liter bottle on the door and can dispenser as well as a small veggie crisper.

It includes the glass shelves that slide out easily and conveniently, a very bright interior light and two front legs to keep the fridge stable on uneven grounds. The door is reversible and you can choose to install it to open from the left or the right. It has the modern R600a compressor (0.8 amperes of working current) that is both powerful and functional, keeping everything nice and cool.

Galanz Fridge is a good quality, well-constructed and durable product with DOE and UL certifications. The compressor functions well and quietly without needing to do many cycles. It comes with a mechanical thermostat that is easily and quickly adjustable. Just make sure you have it at the right temperature or it may freeze up as the compressor works very well. It weighs 56.92 pounds and measures 19.13 x 21.1 x 32.87 inches and has a space saving design.

Galanz GZ 2 Door Stainless Steel Dorm Size Refrigerator

The fridge and the freezer have separate doors and controls and the freezer is frost-free and runs very efficiently. It will keep all your foods and drinks properly chilled and your frozen stuff and especially ice cream hard. Just make sure you leave it unplugged in an upright position for up to 24 hours before starting to use it as you want to let the refrigerant oil settle.

This is a compact fridge despite its relatively spacious interior, with slightly tight fitting shelves and a small vegetable crisper. Having said that it is perfectly fine as a regular fridge for one person that doesn’t buy a lot of stuff, or can be used as a unit to store your small essentials, snacks, and beverages. And the freezer, on the other hand, is quite deep and offers ample space for such a small refrigerator, accommodates quite a bit of stuff, freezes quite fast and keeps everything nice and fresh. The price is fair for a fridge quite modern, functional, efficient, solid and durable. And it is really nice to have a separate freezer compartment and dual controls.

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