Gamesaver FSGSSL0800-000 Titanium Vacuum Sealer Review

Gamesaver FSGSSL0800-000 Titanium Vacuum Sealer

Gamesaver FSGSSL0800-000 Titanium Vacuum Sealer

Gamesaver FSGSSL0800-000 Titanium is a premium vacuum sealer or a food preservation system designed for mainly outdoors people, gardeners and hunters to keep their game, fish and poultry (chops, roasts, ground meat, whole fish and all kinds of meat) fresh, moist and tender for many times longer than normal sealing methods. It is able to process- vacuum and seal much faster as it can do as many as 100 consecutive seals or as much as 300 pounds of game with the ideal speed and efficiency. It weighs 11.6 pounds, measures 26 x 12 x 6 inches so a little large but heavy duty and powerful, can hold 8”, 11” and 15 inch rolls on its 15 inch seal strip so you can seal very large cuts as well. It is easy to set up and operate and FoodSaver is quite a helpful and efficient company if you need any assistance with anything. Extra vacuum power with dual pump will let you pull more air out so your meats will be preserved longer and you have dual seal settings of single and double that you can select on the very large rubberised buttons: Single option for consecutive sealing and the double seal for added security seal for larger cut meats. It comes with a bag cutter and roll storage, a detachable drip tray that is safe to be put in dishwasher, an accessory port with vacuum hose for marinating meats and sealing canisters efficiently and the integrated carrying handles on the sides that makes it easy to transport.

Gamesaver Titanium Vacuum Sealer

Gamesaver Titanium comes with a 15 inch roll as well as some premade bags, you can use it with different bags and rolls but you’re recommended to use FoodSaver and GameSaver heat seal bags and rolls for the best results- to keep your stuff fresh for up to 5 times longer with air-tight protection in the fridge and freezer, also avoiding freezer burns. You may use it with zipper bags but first you need to get a FoodSaver Vacuum Zipper Bag Adapter. If you’re vacuum sealing meats and fish with juice you should probably pre-freeze it for an hour or two so that the liquids are retained and you get a much better seal. This is not the cheapest vacuum sealer and is obviously priced more than other FoodSaver models but it is reported to do a better job and feel better quality, more powerful and more durable than the other budget models (quality, workmanship and ease of use). It is suitable for anyone in the kitchen and not just hunters or outdoors people and will save you a lot of money by buying meats in bulk and not wasting food by throwing them away as they will keep so much longer when you seal the jars or use bags- in both fridge and freezer as freezer burn will no longer be an issue and stay fresh for months in the freezer and weeks in the fridge. This is a great vacuum sealer overall and we reckon it is well worth the extra money it costs and does the job very well. As a very heavy duty food preservation system it comes with a limited warranty for the life of the product as a proof of its great quality and durability and to give you a peace of mind.

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