Garatic Mini Twin Tub 13 lb. Washing Machine with Spin Cycle Review

Garatic Mini Twin Tub 13 lb. Washer Spinner

Garatic Portable Compact Mini Twin Tub

Garatic Mini Twin Tub Washing Machine is a compact and portable unit with both the washing and spinning cycles with a maximum of 1300rpm spin speed, a 13-pound laundry capacity and the built-in gravity drain. It is rated an average of 4.5 out of 5 stars by 968 customers at the moment.

You can use the modern Garatic Mini Washer in small apartments, college rooms, dorms, RV’s, when you go camping and wherever you want. The twin tub double function on this washing machine will save you time and effort by giving you spin dried clothes. After the washing is done you can move the clothes to the spinner from the washer. Or alternatively you can run the two sides at the same time to be able to complete the task earlier.

It has a 1300rpm powerful motor with the control dials that let you adjust the timer for wash and spin cycles and offers water efficiency as well as the powerful performance. Washer can work for up to 15 mins and the spinner up to 5 minutes in each load. Please note that this is not a tumble dryer but a spin dryer and will only get your clothes ready for hanging and dry much quicker. The washer tub has an 8-pound capacity and the spin cycle is for 5 pounds. There is a blue transparent tub container window that you can see the washing and spinning process.

Garatic Mini Washing Machine is lightweight and compact- weighs 25.3 pounds and measures 23.75 x 23.25 x 16 inches. You can move this compact and portable washing machine wherever you want with its lightweight and small size. And with its space saving design you can easily fit it in a closet or bathroom to get it out of the way. The solid plastic used on this compact machine means rusting will not be an issue. It is very easy to operate as you just put your dirty clothes in, fill it with water, set the time up to 15 mins and press the Start button. You can just attend your other tasks while it washes your clothes and you don’t need to watch it.

Garatic Portable Compact Mini Washing Machine

With the large water wave pulsating and water flow there will be less twisting of your clothes, less likely to damage them while getting them cleaner. It comes with a drainage tube for draining the dirty water easily. It works relatively quietly without disturbing you or others in the house. It doesn’t consume much electricity and will save you on your energy bills. You can plug it into any power outlet with three openings as it comes with a regular 3 prong US plug (110V) of 1 round and 2 rectangular.

One main negative we can point out is that the drain hose is a bit short and you can add an extension that will fit the hose. How much water you’ll put in will depend on how much clothes you have in the tub, but a good guess would be 5 gallons to fill it up. ¬†You may contact the seller through the Amazon order page in case of any issues with the product and they should get back to you within 24 hours. We are happy to recommend it to anyone that would like a compact and portable washer and spinner. They’ll just need to hang their clothes if they don’t use a separate tumble dryer. The average customer rating is 4.5 out of 5 stars by 968 customer at the moment for this August 21, 2020 release product.

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