Giantex 132 Lb Barbell Dumbbell Weight Set Review

Giantex 132 Lbs Barbell Weight Set via Amazon

Giantex 132 Lb Barbell Dumbbell Weight Set

Giantex Barbell Dumbell Set is a 132 pound weight good quality with a silver curl bar and black rubber plates set for a basic but effective workout- building strength and toning with changeable barbell weights as part of this comprehensive training gear and different exercises in your home gym. 65 inch long detachable tubular bar with a 25mm diameter and three sections is made of solid and durable steel and include two convenient, safe and secure buckles for you to fix the propane polymer rubber coated plates (PP- propane polymer is friendly to the environment). It is easy and safe to hold with its textured and anti-slip grips and the black rubber plates included are 4 of 22 pounds (10kg each), 2 of 11 pounds (5kg) and 2 of 4.4 pounds (2kg) and are easy on your floors. It is common sense but with any exercise you need to warm up before starting your workout so that you don’t experience potential injuries, especially on your back, shoulders or arms.

Giantex 132 Lb Barbell Dumbbell Weights

Maximum weight limit is specified as 220 pounds (or 100kg) so keep this in mind when you’re using your own weight plates and if you wish to lift heavier weights than 220lbs in your advanced resistance training sessions you may want to look at the more expensive heavy duty units, if you want to spend more on a barbell and dumbbell set. You will get the barbell dumbbell weight set in two different boxes and that is the reason you may receive them at different times and you will need both boxes to start using the weight set for an overall body strength training. We’re not sure if this set includes a warranty by the manufacturer or if a user and exercise manual is included as these are not on the product specs but we can imagine there would be a short limited warranty and a small user manual like on similar models on Plates are not the fancy variety- rubber on the outside with probably concrete filled inside but this shouldn’t make any difference to you as they do the job and as durable to last a long time. This set does what it is supposed to, serves the purpose, works well and appears to be good value for money if you’re on a budget and don’t have a lot of money to spend, these are good for beginner and intermediate users.

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