Glacial Refrigerator & Water Cooler Review

Glacial Verichill Refrigerator & Water Cooler

Glacial Top Loading Refrigerator & Water Cooler

Black Glacial Verichill is a modern, professional grade fridge and water cooler with the self-cleaning feature, that dispenses cold, hot and room temp water. It can be used in offices, home kitchens, garages, workshops, basements, dorms and RVs to store your cold drinks and snacks as well as dispensing fresh and pure water at all times.

This is a combo product with a space saving design, of a compact refrigerator and a decent water cooler. Unstable reactive oxygen helps avoid the accumulation of harmful bacterial biofilm that is found in regular water coolers, by cleaning the interior automatically. The interior temperature of the fridge is controlled accurately at temperatures below 4 degrees Celcius so the perishable items will not go off easily.

The water in the cooler section can be cooled all the way down to 33 degrees Fahrenheit (1° Celcius) with the help of a big ice block of the IceChill technology. You can make nice cups of tea and coffee, instant soup and noodles with the very hot water provided by the Proprietary heating technology. The lower fridge section has a capacity of 6.3 gallons or 24 liters and can have up to 24 regular cans at once. It actually has a proper size fridge compressor to cool a small area and so everything will be cooled swiftly.

Glacial Refrigerator & Water Cooler

Hot water is steamy hot and cold water is icy cold and can serve a medium sized office comfortably. There is not a separate lock mechanism for child safety but a more practical solution that requires you to push the button in and down simultaneously which is pretty hard for kids to do, while you just push the button down with cold water.

Please note that the Glacial Verichill is not suitable for use with the glass water bottles or the bottle filters like the ones by Santevia. You need to use filtered or pure water to get pure water through the dispenser as the unit does not have a built-in filter or a mechanism to purify the water. It looks good in black with silver accents, weighs 55 pounds and measures 15 x 12.5 x 43.5 inches. 

You can use it with the water bottles with the caps on so there is no water spilling, as it will pierce through the cap. Glacial Verichill functions well overall (both the water cooler and the fridge), hot water and cold water in the water dispenser and the temperature in the refrigerator are all precisely controlled. You can fit in any cup or mug as the area above the drip tray is much higher than normal. It is not very cheap but you’re getting a built-in fridge with an efficient and powerful compressor as well. Glacial Verichill is a very attractive and premium looking and feeling water cooler/fridge with great features. It appears to be a very good value for money product.

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